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Zach Braff Helps Musician Propose to His Girlfriend in Super Sweet Video

How could she say anything but yes?

A YouTube user and musician by the name of Matt Hulbert enlisted some A-list help to propose to his girlfriend Janice.

In what appears to be an office, Hulbert asks Janice to push play on a computer – and that’s when she gets a big surprise.

Zach Braff pops up on the screen and he’s jamming out to Hulbert’s song about how he’s a regular guy and not a rock star.

America's Got Talent Winner's Fiancée 'Had No Clue' About the Proposal

After America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm gave his now-fiancée something to sing about when he proposed to her on TV, the lucky lady says the couple have plans to celebrate – with some take-out.

“We’re locking the doors and turning off the phones, and we won’t be bothered by anybody else,” his fiancé, Lucie Zolcerova, says. “We’ll be ordering some pizza in.”