Star Trek Movie Cast Creates Leonard Nimoy Tribute Video, Promotes Charity Drive in His Honor

When Leonard Nimoy died in February, he left behind not one but two Star Trek casts, as he appeared in both the original series and the rebooted movie series.

William Shatner Collects Thousands of Star Trek Selfies for Tribute to His Friend Leonard Nimoy

William Shatner is many things: actor, singer, writer – and now he can add the title “digital art curator” to the list.

Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols to Fly on NASA Mission

It’s been 49 years since Nichelle Nichols took on the role of Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek series, but her relationship with space exploration is continuing.

He'll Boldly Go: See Idris Elba on Set with the Cast of Star Trek Beyond

Idris Elba is getting ready to live long and prosper.

PEOPLE has an exclusive photo of the actor with the cast of Star Trek Beyond, the action-packed film set to rocket into theaters in 2016.

Director Offers First Glimpse at New Star Trek – and Reveals the New Title

So where is the crew of the Starship Enterprise heading in the next Star Trek movie? Beyond, if the title is any indication.

Today director Justin Lin Tweeted a close-up photo of a Starfleet badge along with two relevant hashtags: “#LLAP” (which is the Vulcan salute, “Live long and prosper”) and “#StarTrekBeyond.” And that second one just happens to be the title of the third movie in the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

George Takei on William Shatner: 'I Don't Need to Forgive Him'

Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols Suffers Minor Stroke

Nichelle Nichols, the trailblazing actress who played Lt. Nyota Uhura on the original Star Trek series, suffered a mild stroke on Wednesday.

“Last night while at her home in L.A., Nichelle Nichols suffered from a mild stroke,” said Zach McGinnis of Galactic Productions in statement on Nichols’ Facebook page on Thursday.

Before Entourage: Charlie's Angels, Star Trek and More TV Series on the Big Screen

This week, Entourage fans get to watch the boys bring their brand of Hollywood bro-ishness to the big screen, nearly four years after the TV series aired its final episode.

Wealthy Star Trek Fan Builds Company HQ in the Shape of the Enterprise... or the Voyager

A Chinese company with the already-out-there name of NetDragon Websoft finished its company headquarters in October, taking its architectural cues from a very specific source: The U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek.

Simon Pegg Writing 'Kick-Ass' Role for Idris Elba for Star Trek 3

Idris Elba could be boldly going where no man has gone before, playing a brand new character in the next Star Trek film.