10 Years Later: Revisiting the Six Feet Under Finale, Plus More of TV's Most Unforgettable Goodbyes

It’s a sad but true fact of life that everything must eventually come to an end – and when it comes to TV shows, some of those endings are much more satisfying than others.

Ten years ago, Six Feet Under set the bar with one of the greatest series finales of recent years: “Everyone’s Waiting.” In honor of the show’s decade-long reign as the standard to which all other finales should be held, we’re looking back at some of the greatest finale episodes of all time.

You’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of tissues handy (warning: spoilers ahead).

Dinner Is Served! 8 Iconic TV Cooking Scenes

Preheat your ovens and prep your vegetables: It’s time to get cooking!

We’re mixing up a small-screen feast in honor of the return of Young & Hungry. One of our most reliable sources of dinner inspiration (witness: Emily Osment’s millennial food blogger Gabi effortlessly whipping up breakfast, lunch and dinner while also juggling her messy personal life), the ABC Family sitcom is just the latest in a long line of cooking scenes on television.

Now You Can Own Jesse's House from Breaking Bad

Do you have fond memories of the house Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman lived in on the show Breaking Bad? Like when he dissolved a corpse in acid in the bathtub, for example?

Agent Gomez, Reporting for Duty: Breaking Bad Star Announces He's Running for Office

Agent Gomez is getting into politics.

Breaking Bad star Steven Michael Quezada, best known for playing DEA agent Steven Gomez on the hit AMC show, told the Associated Press on Monday that he is throwing his hat into the ring for a county commissioner position in New Mexico.

Mic Drop! Bryan Cranston Delivers an Epic Burn at Comic-Con

Bryan Cranston dished out a serious burn during a panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

Bryan Cranston Revives Walter White for Las Vegas Concert

If only briefly, Walter White was back this Saturday – and looking pretty good, too, considering how we last saw him.

Reddit Is Unearthing Some Prime Aaron Paul Commercials from the '90s (VIDEO)

Link aggregation site/Internet bulletin board Reddit is home to a substantial Breaking Bad fan base, and within that cohort, there’s a rabid Aaron Paul contingent.

Better Call Saul Finale: 4 Things We Want to See in Season 2

S’all good, man.

Monday’s finale of Better Call Saul pushed Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) ever closer to the man we met in Breaking Bad after his brother’s betrayal made him question why he ever even bothered playing at morality in the first place.

Who Gave Jon Hamm Advice on Letting Go of Mad Men?

Jon Hamm has already admitted he got teary while filming the final episode of Mad Men, so it’s only natural the actor might hope to find comfort in the advice of someone who’d been through a similar experience.

Unfortunately for Hamm, a fellow AMC veteran gave crystal-clear advice that the path ahead could be rocky.

Breaking Bad's Showrunner Wants You to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Walter White's Roof

When fandom goes too far!

Though Breaking Bad ended in 2013, its fanbase is still as passionate as ever.

Sometimes, this passion translates into snapping pics of the Albuquerque home that was used for exterior shots of Walter White’s own (broken) home, which the owners are fine with.