Chace Crawford on Returning to TV After Gossip Girl: 'I Wouldn't Take Those Years Back for Anything'

Almost three years after Gossip Girl signed off with a final “xoxo,” Chace Crawford is returning to prime time with ABC’s new show Blood and Oil as one half of an ambitious, working-class couple hoping to strike gold in a North Dakota boomtown – and he’s pretty excited not to be playing a prep schooler.

“It was a great situation, and I get to play a completely different character than the one I portrayed for 6 years,” Crawford told PEOPLE. “I wouldn’t take those years back for anything.”

Children in a Fortress: Inside Details on Kelly Rutherford's Kids' Lives in Monaco

Three years have passed since a judge ordered Kelly Rutherford’s children to move to Monaco with their father, German businessman Daniel Giersch, but Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, are still adjusting to life outside the United States.

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Kelly Rutherford Reveals Details of Her 'Emotional' Reunion with Her Kids

Kelly Rutherford has shared the pain of separation from her children, and now she’s opening up about the joy of reuniting with them. She even got to experience a milestone with her 6-year-old daughter Helena on Sunday.

Jessica Szohr on Her New Show Complications and Why She Thought Chuck Was Gossip Girl

Just like Penn Badgley, Jessica Szohr didn’t expect Brooklyn outsider Dan Humphrey to end up being Gossip Girl’s anonymous blogger.

Instead, she suspected the Upper East Side’s resident bad boy, Ed Westwick’s Chuck Bass.

Penn Badgley on His Music and Why Dan Being Gossip Girl 'Doesn't Make Sense'

Spotted: Lonely Boy admitting that the twist at the end of Gossip Girl wasn’t exactly logical.

PEOPLE caught up with Penn Badgley on Wednesday night at the De Nolet presented by Ketel One Vodka event in New York City, where he performed with his band, MOTHXR, as guests sipped on Ketel One cocktails including the 1691, Chamakay, the Brooklyn Easy and Not for Nuthin’.

Taylor Momsen on Touring the World, Why Her Dad's Her 'Biggest Fan' – and Whom She's in Touch with from Gossip Girl

While many might still remember her as Little Jenny Humphrey from the beloved CW teen soap Gossip Girl or, perhaps, Cindy Lou Who from the live-action The Grinch reboot in 2000, Taylor Momsen made a major career change in 2007, starting the hard rock band The Pretty Reckless.

Inside Kelly Rutherford's 6-Year Custody Battle: Why Her Kids Can't Come Home

Kelly Rutherford’s two children they live an ocean apart from her, with a father who she says has told her they won’t set foot on American soil again.

It’s a battle the former Gossip Girl actress and her ex-husband, German businessman Daniel Giersch, have been fighting since before their daughter was even born – and one that Rutherford insists she never sought to wage in the first place.

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