Bonnie Franklin Played Struggling Everymom to Perfection, Says PEOPLE's Critic

When certain television stars pass away, they don’t leave the stage – they leave your life. They played ordinary people so perfectly, you almost imagine that once their series concluded they went on living a plain existence parallel to yours as you worked, shopped, ate dinner, watched TV.

Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips Pay Tribute to Bonnie Franklin

Bonnie Franklin, who died of pancreatic cancer Friday, and Valerie Bertinelli go back nearly 40 years, to the sitcom One Day at a TIme, on which Franklin played her mother, Ann Romano.

Two years ago the actresses reunited professionally, on Bertinelii’s series Hot in Cleveland.

Bonnie Franklin Dies at 69

One Day at a Time star Bonnie Franklin, who announced last September that she was suffering from pancreatic cancer, died of complications of the disease on Friday, her family told the Los Angeles Times. She was 69.

Bonnie Franklin Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

Bonnie Franklin has pancreatic cancer, a family spokesman announced Monday.

The actress, 68, who starred on CBS’s sitcom One Day at a Time, is undergoing treatment, the spokesman tells USA Today.

On the long-running series, which was on the air from 1975-1984, Franklin starred as divorced mom Ann Romano, alongside Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli, who played her teenage daughters.