Giant Shark Video Leaves this Newscaster Utterly Speechless



They're big. They have 50 teeth. They're known to attack. And they can silence even the most talkative of humans, simply by appearing on screen. They're sharks. 

'The Ocean Is the Shark's House': You Need to Hear This Woman's Beach Safety Tips (VIDEO)

You're Not Alone: These Celebs Are Also Tweeting About #SharkWeek

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for shark and sea life enthusiasts alike: it’s Shark Week.

Double the Danger: Watch 'Ninja' Sharks Attack Prey With Their Teeth AND Tails in Exclusive Shark Week Clip

Eli Roth Talks Shark Week Hosting Gig: 'I Love Sharks So Much' (VIDEO)

Eli Roth to Direct Monster Shark Thriller Meg

After Jurassic World’s Indominus Rex-sized opening weekend, it’s safe to say giant prehistoric death monsters are back in demand.

Hostel director and Inglorious Bastards star Eli Roth is stepping up to the plate to deliver us a new dinosaur franchise that’s been languishing in the depths of production hell since the Hollywood equivalent of the late Cretaceous period.

Don't Expect an Eaten Alive Sequel, Says Discovery Channel Chief

Disappointed that the Discovery special Eaten Alive over-promised and under-delivered? You weren’t alone.

The new president of the Discovery Channel, Rich Ross, told reporters Thursday that he, too, found the special starring naturalist Paul Rosolie “misleading.”

From How One Shark Week Filmmaker Captures the Predator's 'Smile'

What’s shark for ‘Say Cheese’? Andy Casagrande should know.

The filmmaker’s work has been featured in 27 Shark Week specials – this year alone he took part in Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, Lair of the Mega Shark, Zombie Sharks and last but not least, Great White Matrix, which airs Aug. 16.

Shark Attack Survivor Paul de Gelder Is Now a Shark Activist (VIDEO)

Just in Time for Shark Week, We've Ranked Every Pop-Culture Shark

Sunday was the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, an annual celebration of the awesome might of these elegant creatures of the sea.

But while Shark Week focuses largely on real sharks (well, real-ish) we wanted to commemorate the sharks that we enjoy the other 51 weeks of the year – the friendly and fearsome sharks that fill up our popular culture. Which pop-culture shark is best? And, just as crucially, which pop-culture shark is worst?