Saying Goodbye to David Letterman: A Look Back at His 33-Year Legacy

When NBC handed David Letterman Late Night in 1982, his offbeat humor ushered in a new era of late night.

Thirty-three years later, he’s stepping down from a late-night landscape that changed around him, having stayed true to himself as the medium changed from appointment viewing to something to be easily digested the next morning in three- to four-minute clips.

Peter O'Toole: The Ultimate Talk Show Guest

No star ever seemed quite as delighted to play himself as Peter O’Toole. The actor, who died Sunday at the age of 81, earned innumerable accolades for his stage and screen work, but just as important in cementing the image of Peter O’Toole in the public consciousness were his decades of talk-show appearances, nearly all of them performed through a smirk, a twinkle, and just as often, a large amount of vodka.

George W. Bush Gushes About Granddaughter on The Tonight Show

George W. Bush may have stepped away from the political spotlight, but he seems to have won the popular (audience) vote – on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show.

The former president stopped by to chat with Jay Leno, matching wits with the host as he unfurled a series of off-the-cuff zingers that left both Leno and his audience in stitches.

Jay Leno: I Have No Animosity Toward Conan O'Brien

There were no jokes this time – just the facts, as Jay Leno sees them.

In a detailed account of his side of the talk-show mess at NBC, Leno opened his lame-duck program Monday night seeking to set the record straight and try to repair relations with his – apparently temporary – Tonight Show successor.

“Through all of this, Conan O Brien has been a gentleman,” Leno said during the taping. “He s a good guy. I have no animosity towards him.”

It's Official: NBC Canceling Jay Leno's Prime-Time Show

Jay’s walking off prime time.

Confirming days of rumors, Jeff Gaspin, the chairman of NBC Universal Entertainment, on Sunday announced that starting Feb. 12, The Jay Leno Show will no longer air at 10 p.m. but that the network hoped to keep Leno for an 11:35 p.m. show, Conan O’Brien for 12:05 p.m. and then Jimmy Fallon after that.

But, Gaspin adds, “It’s not a done deal yet.”

Is Jay Leno Headed Back to Late Night?

Jay Leno’s time in prime time may be coming to an end – or not – depending on whom you believe and how you read a network statement.

Conflicting reports hit the Internet on Thursday that the talk show would either be canceled, moved back to 11:30 p.m., or none of the above while discussions continue with his Tonight Show replacement Conan O’Brien.

Fueling the confusion is an NBC statement that neither confirms nor denies the reports, but does allude to concerns by network affiliates over the sagging ratings.