George Clooney Rejects Daily Mail Apology for Story About Fiancée's Mother

Sorry, not sorry?

That’s true of Britain’s Daily Mail, says George Clooney, who has rejected an apology from the paper over a story suggesting his fiancée’s mother opposes their marriage and would prefer her daughter marry a member of the Druze religious group.

The apology, says Clooney, is flatly disingenuous and only adds to the original offense.

AP Photograph Leads Family to Reunite with Missing Son

Paul and Michelle Simmons started 2014 searching for their missing son.

Nicholas Simmons disappeared from his parents’ house in upstate New York on New Year’s Day, leaving behind all his personal belongings. Four days later, with help from frigid weather, luck and a copy of USA Today, the Simmons family was reunited.

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