Penguins of Denmark Attempt Daring Escape

It's the caper that could've been. 

Taking a cue from the penguins of Madgascar, a group of the flightless birds from the Odense Zoo in Denmark tried to make a daring escape from their exhibit, reports UPI. The penguins would've gotten away with it to, if it weren't for those meddling footprints!

CatDad Wearing Cat Mask Terrifies His Cats (VIDEO)

Cats aren't usually scared of other cats, but they are scared of CatDad, who is, objectively, terrifying.

Cat Breed That Looks Like Werewolves Will Both Charm and Disturb You (PHOTOS)

The Lykoi, a small breed of cat that resembles a werewolf, is sending shocks of delight throughout the Internet. While the Lykoi is not a new breed — we reported on the fluffy-faced guys last year, because PEOPLE Pets is always on the cutting-edge of cat affairs — they are captivating millions of pet lovers who are tickled by the idea of a cat resembling a human resembling a wolf.

Step Aside, Pizza Rat: Pigeon Bagel Is the Mascot This City Deserves

Bagel Pigeon isn't the mascot this city needs — he's the mascot this city deserves.

On Sunday, a Reddit user named connierubirosa posted a photo of a pigeon wearing a bagel as a necklace, perched on a grimy gate. Her caption? “Most New York photo I've ever taken.” 

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Instagram's Cats on Tap Brings Beer and Felines Together

Peanut butter and jelly. Hall and Oates. Post-it notes and passive aggression. Cheese and just about anything. 

Now, a new duo is about to joining the hallowed halls of Perfect Pairings: Beer and cats

Don't fret, there are no substance-abusing animals here, just two of Internet's favorite things hanging out. 

Dad Pens Touching Letter to Daughter with Down Syndrome on Her Wedding Day: 'I Stand Breathless and Transfixed'

Paul Daugherty wrote about what it was like to raise his daughter Jillian, who has Down syndrome, in a book called Uncomplicated Life.

In Life, Are You This Sea Snake Biting This Stonefish or the Other Way Around? (PHOTO)

Sometimes, nature photography can tell us more about ourselves than it can about the animals depicted. Sometimes it provokes soul-searching. Reflection. A deeper understanding of our immortal souls.

To that end, the question provoked by this photo is: In life, are you the sea snake biting the stonefish, or are you the stonefish biting the sea snake?

Miracle Twins Turn Two After Beating Rare Genetic Blood Disorder

Zoey and Zayne Espayos turned 2 years old on August 30. A birthday is always an important milestone, but this one carried extra weight for the Manitoba, Canada, pair, because it represents their triumph over a rare genetic blood disorder that threatened to claim their lives in the womb.

When the twins’ mother, Reina, was 27 weeks pregnant, they went into heart failure and were subsequently diagnosed with alpha thalessemia, an uncommon blood disorder in which a person’s blood cannot produce the haemoglobin necessary to carry oxygen through the body.

Cobra and Python Viciously Hug It Out in Singapore

Student's 'I'm Fine/Save Me' Tattoo Brings Depression Conversation to Light