Kathy Bates: How I Turned My Lymphedema into Something Positive

Kathy Bates was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy three years ago, but her health struggles didn’t stop there.

The actress developed lymphedema, the buildup of fluid in soft tissues, which causes swelling in the arms and legs.

Rosie Perez: 'Why I'm So Invested' in Arts Education

Rosie Perez is on the front lines in the fight to bring arts education to public schools.

“What arts-integrated curricula do is what art does – it teaches in a whole different way,” the actress, 50, tells PEOPLE of her campaign with Urban Arts Partnership. “We’re trying to offer a different way of teaching so that the disengaged become engaged.”

How Salma Hayek Is Helping Women and Girls Around the World

Mariel Hemingway: 'I Want to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness'

For many years, the story of Mariel Hemingway’s family has been intertwined with mental illness, addiction and suicide. “My family has had a long struggle with mental illness,” Hemingway, 53 tells PEOPLE. But the Manhattan actress has found healing by speaking out against the stigma long associated with it.

“It’s important to work towards erasing the stigma,” she says. “Everybody knows somebody who suffered some mental illness, suicide, addiction or bipolar.”

Bradley Cooper Encourages Fans to Register as Bone Marrow Donors to Save Man's Life

Having a support system that includes Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper is all Anthony Daniels could ask for in his battle against cancer.

First diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011 when he was a student at Fordham University, Daniels, 24, had already beat the cancer into submission three times when he recently learned it had returned.

He’s now undergoing radiation to shrink a tumor on his spine after his latest round of chemotherapy wasn’t effective.

Kristy McNichol Steps Back into the Spotlight – in a College Choir!

More than two decades have passed since Kristy McNichol, who starred in Family and Empty Nest, stepped away from her life as one of the biggest child stars of her day in the hopes of leading a quiet life of her own design.

Kristin Davis Visits South Sudanese Refugees: 'I Couldn't Believe How Many Children There Were'

In early June, Kristin Davis returned to Africa – she’d been there before to visit refugee camps with the U.N., but what she saw still shocked and saddened her.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Fight Against Kids' Cancer Is No Laughing Matter

Jimmy Kimmel is known for bringing laughs to late night, but he’s also used his comedic talents to bring levity to a charity event that means a lot to him.

The talk show host, 47, has been attending the L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade Culinary Cookout for the past five years, and he’s also taken a turn as the fundraiser’s emcee.

Scorpion Star Robert Patrick Is Committed to His Country

Robert Patrick has always been a patriot.

“My family s history [in the armed forces] goes back to the Revolutionary War; my grandfather, cousins, uncle – it s in my blood,” the Scorpion actor tells PEOPLE. “When I was a kid, it was always a dream of mine to go on a USO tour; now my involvement has spanned over a decade.”

Having traveled all over the world with the USO, whose mission it is to lift the spirits of America s troops and their families, Patrick, 56, still remembers each trip like it was yesterday.

Jonny Lee Miller: How Running 50 Miles Can Save a Child's Life

Jonny Lee Miller is racing to find a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome.