Here's the Batman v. Superman Trailer Recut with Adam West and Christopher Reeve (VIDEO)

Is it really surprising that one of the most anticipated superhero movies should be a target for viral videos?

We’re paraphrasing the Batman v. Superman trailer, which is probably something you picked up on, because it was everywhere last week. And, as is the natural next step in the life cycle of anything on the Internet, it’s become fodder for YouTube.

Adam West Shares His Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman

From one Batman to another, Adam West thinks Ben Affleck won’t disappoint in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, set to release in 2016.

“My feeling is that Ben Affleck will be really good simply because he’s a great talent,” West, 85, told PEOPLE at Comic-Con on Thursday. “And I’d be very interested in seeing him in the role.”

West, the original masked hero, says the most thrilling part of playing Batman was the energy behind the script.

Christian Bale Weighs In on Batkid – and So Does Ben Affleck