Alicia Silverstone's Brother Arrested on Marijuana Charges

Alicia Silverstone’s brother David Silverstone was arrested on marijuana charges in Redwood Valley, California, on Tuesday.

According to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office website, David, 43, was arrested on charges of cultivating and processing marijuana as well as possession of marijuana for sale.

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Twenty years ago the stars of this totally fabulous California comedy celebrated the release of Clueless with a beach party. On the soft sands of Malibu, Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy and more posed surfside in only the chicest of ’90s fashions.

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Think you know Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd? You just might be Clueless.

Yes, the 1995 comedy (celebrating its 20th anniversary this month) launched the actor – so adorkable back then, even he admits, “It’s crazy. I fell in love with me.”

But he’s so much more than that: Rudd, 46, talked to PEOPLE about his best roles.

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11 Expressions from Clueless That, Like, Need to Make a Comeback

This year, the iconic ’90s film Clueless – starring Alicia Silverstone in all her yellow-plaid, middle-part fabulosity – celebrates its 20th anniversary. Not only did the film set style trends for a generation of young women, but it also preposed an entirely original lexicon, including such classic expressions as “buggin’,” “riding the crimson wave,” and “jeepin’ around.”

Clueless Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue Is a Total Betty

Clueless doesn’t turn 20 until July, but Universal Music Enterprises is getting a head start on the birthday celebration by reissuing the film’s soundtrack on vinyl, just in time for Record Store Day on Tuesday.