Buffy and Willow Back Together! Sarah Michelle Gellar Reunites with Former Co-star Alyson Hannigan

Sarah Michelle Gellar may be the slayer, but it’s apparently Alyson Hannigan that throws killer parties.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer castmates were reunited on Saturday in Santa Monica for what presumably was the third birthday party for Hannigan’s daughter, Keeva.

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Alyson Hannigan Gets 'Sweet Revenge' for Daughter Biting While Breastfeeding

“I’m glad I pulled that one out - that was the one she bit me with when I was still breastfeeding,” jokes the actress.

Why Alyson Hannigan’s Daughter Wears Outfits That 'Match Her Sandwich'

Since she wrapped her hit series How I Met Your Mother last spring, Alyson Hannigan has found time to pursue her newest passion: sewing.

The mom of daughters Satyana, 5 1/2, and Keeva, 2 1/2 , says she started off making “little things, easy napkins and placemats,” but has since enrolled in classes and taken on more ambitious projects.

Why Alyson Hannigan's Daughters Might Miss Her Sofia the First Role

“My kids don’t watch television yet,” Hannigan tells PEOPLE.

Satyana and Keeva Denisof Show Off Their Adorable Robes

“This is what happened when I asked my 2yr old to give me an over-the-shoulder,” Hannigan, 40, Tweeted with the hashtag #momarazzi.

How I Met Your Mother Finale: The Show Is Just Like Love

To paraphrase Ted and Robin: “Major Warning!” This story contains spoilers about tonight’s final episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Back in 2005 as How I Met Your Mother debuted, I wrote that it was the Lost of sitcoms – a group of people searching for love and identity while marooned on an island. (Have you ever tried to escape Manhattan during rush hour?) There was plenty of time travel, too. And like Lost, the CBS sitcom bowed out controversially, but as many fans predicted.

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How I Met Your Mother Cast Dishes About Final Season – and What They'll Miss the Most

With a handful of episodes left before the cast of How I Met Your Mother go their separate ways, Neil Patrick Harris acknowledges that it’s a bittersweet time.

“We’re saying the word ‘last’ a lot more than we ever did,” he told PEOPLE on Wednesday during a Television Critics Association set visit. “We knew that it was going to come to an end, but we never really talked about the end, so this season has been filled with a lot of us saying, ‘Oh.’ ”