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Ashley Bell's Blog: Meet the Elephants Who Captured My Heart

Away from the silver screen, actress Ashley Bell, star of The Last Exorcism: Part II, is haunted by something considerably more cuddly than demons: elephants.

Two majestic creatures, elephants Kahm Lin and Arun Reah, whom she recently met on a trip to Cambodia, were saved from an illegal logging facility and now reside at The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

In her second PEOPLE.com blog, Bell talks about the documentary she’s making about these two gentle giants.

Ashley Bell's Blog: There's No Feeling Like Rescuing An Animal

Best known for her role in 2010’s The Last Exorcism, actress Ashley Bell, who returns in the movie’s sequel The Last Exorcism: Part II, out March 1, is a passionate animal lover who spends her free time fostering animals in need. Right now, her L.A. home is a temporary haven for close to a dozen rescues – and, thankfully, her permanent pal, cat Harrison, doesn’t seem to mind the extra roommates.

In her first PEOPLE.com blog, she reflects on how the lovable kitty came into her life, and the work she’s done with the Delta Rescue of Acton, Calif.