The Pretty Little Liars Are Prom Princesses: Watch a Preview of This Week's Episode

See the Pretty Little Liars Cast Shooting Their First Scene from Season 1

Remember when Rosewood was an idyllic Philadelphia suburb with a low murder rate?

Neither do we. But in honor of Tuesday night’s Pretty Little Liars episode, showrunner I. Marlene King posted a throwback photo of a more innocent time: right before Alison DiLaurentis disappeared.

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Before Pretty Little Liars returns for the “Summer of Answers” on Tuesday, it’s time to test your knowledge of the ABC Family mystery’s twists and turns.

Meet Alt-Pop Electronic Band LANY

It’s time to put your go-to playlist, with the same ol’ songs, to rest.

Enter LANY (pronounced LAY-NEE), the alt-pop electronic band consisting of three members: Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss.

The dynamic trio – who often describe their sound as “dream pop meets R&B” – began making musical magic in a Nashville bedroom.

But what started off as a casual jam session at home quickly turned into a whirlwind of fan recognition and surprising celebrity supporters.

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Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is a pretty little prisoner.

The character whose disappearance, “death” and resurrection grounded the show for five seasons was wrongfully convicted of murdering Mona (Janel Parrish) on Tuesday night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars.

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