Ashley Hamilton: How My Dad Helped Me Cope With Drug Addiction

He was born and raised in Hollywood, and Ashley Hamilton, son of veteran actor George Hamilton, wasn’t immune to the darker side of Tinseltown.

The singer-songwriter, who stars with his family on Stewarts & Hamiltons, a new reality series on E!, tells PEOPLE of his drug and alcohol addictions: “I had some really hard times. But my dad never gave up on me no matter what.”

Ashley Hamilton Opens Up About Eating Disorder

With Iron Man 3 breaking box office records, nobody is happier about the film’s success than actor Ashley Hamilton, who plays a small but pivotal role of former military officer Jack Taggert.

Hamilton, whose band The Wondergirls also performs the song “Let’s Go All the Way” on the soundtrack with Robbie Williams, says he’s “really grateful for somebody giving me an opportunity again. I just didn’t have that before.”

The 38-year-old son of George Hamilton has had more than his fair share of troubles when it came to drug and alcohol abuse.