Speed Demon! Blake Lively Is an 'Indy Chair Racing' Champ – See Her Zippy Video

Despite finding some modest success in acting, modeling and business, Blake Lively is alerting the world that she’s finally found her calling.

The Age of Adeline star took to Instagram on Wednesday to tell her 3.8 million followers that she’s “finally found a talent. Watch out world. The Indy Chair Racing contest is coming for you…”

Ryan Reynolds on Doing Movie Stunts at 38: 'Oh, God. Just Get Up and Get Up Fast'

Doing his own daredevil movie stunts isn’t quite the same as it used to be for action star Ryan Reynolds.

“I remember 10 years ago when falling on cement was hilarious,” the 38-year-old actor tells PEOPLE.

“It doesn’t feel like that anymore. I’m right at that age where I’ll do as many takes as they want, but I’m lying on the ground after each one thinking, ‘Oh, God. Just get up and get up fast. Don’t let them see you [in pain].’ ”

Blake Lively Pays Lip Service to 'Girl on Girl' Action with Funny Instagram Snap: See the Pic!

Talk about animal magnetism.

Blake Lively, never afraid to get cheeky on social media, showed off a fun, wild side with a hilarious Instagram post Tuesday.

In the snap, the 27-year-old Age of Adaline star can be seen kissing the nose of a giraffe, as she feeds a leaf to it while gently reining it in.

But it was the actress’ caption that lit up the Instagram post.

Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram and Facebook – See His First Public Photos

Better late than never.

Ryan Reynolds has finally joined the social media bandwagon, signing up for both Instagram and Facebook accounts on Monday.

For one of his first Facebook posts, the actor dug up a vintage photo taken from the set of one of his earliest projects – the 90s teen drama series Fifteen.

“Nice to be on Facebook,” Reynolds captioned, joking, “It’s always good to be fashionably 12 years late.”

Blake Lively Reveals the Secret Behind Her Megawatt Smile – and It's Hilarious

It’s no question that Age of Adeline star Blake Lively has a megawatt smile – and luckily, she’s willing to share her secret for a show-stopping grin.

Lively, who’s not afraid to get cheeky on social media, offered up some advice for her Instagram followers on Sunday, posting an adorable snap with a helpful tip.

Photographic Proof Ryan Reynolds Actually Peaked a Long Time Ago

It doesn’t get much better than shirtless Ryan Reynolds. We know it. You know it. Blake Lively, in all of her very subtle Instagram postings, certainly knows it.

Blake Lively Wants to Go to Harvard Business School

She’s a famous actress and new mom. But Blake Lively has her sights set on a third goal that would be just as impressive – a graduate degree in business from Harvard.

Blake Lively Called In More Than 200 Looks For Her Press Tour - Then Tried Them All on Her Sister Before Picking Her Top 20!

Blake Lively picked from over 500 looks in order to come up with the perfect press tour outfits for The Age of Adaline appearances

Who's Better at the Internet: Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds? The Social Media Feeds Have the Answer

It’s Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ world – and we’re just living in it. Online, that is.

We don’t know how either star finds the time to maintain a thriving movie career seeing as how they flirt with each other non-stop on social media. For example, on Monday, the Age of Adaline actress posted a very sexy, very shirtless picture of her husband to her 2.4 Instagram million followers.

Blake Lively: I'm Still Getting Used to My Breastfeeding Boobs

“With all the wardrobe changes, one thing I hadn’t accounted for was that I didn’t have time to pump,” she tells PEOPLE