'Bro-Nodding' with Bode Miller: PEOPLE's Encounter with the Record-Breaker

Johnny Dodd is a reporter and writer for PEOPLE, currently in Sochi covering the 2014 Winter Olympics. You can follow him on Twitter @Johnny_Dodd.

Something about walking in the rain all day makes a guy’s mind start to wander.

Bode Miller Supports Christin Cooper After Interview Leaves Him in Tears

Alpine ski racer Bode Miller’s emotional Olympic moment is getting as much attention as his accomplishment – a bronze medal in the men’s super-G.

Bode Miller Collects a Medal of Every Color

With his first place finish in Sunday’s Super Combined, Bode Miller has collected one medal of every color – gold, silver and bronze – at Whistler Creekside at the Vancouver Olympics.

“I was kind of on fumes,” he said after the race, explaining that he is skiing on a bad leg while the other “is on my boat already.”

“It was mentally and emotionally exhausting to do that after years and years of not doing it,” Miller, 32, explained. “I had to just get fully fired up to take maximum risk.”