First Look: Bill Paxton, Ray Liotta and Brendan Fraser Get Wild in the West with Texas Rising

Airheads Turns 20: Celebrate with the Dudes from The Lone Rangers

On August 5, 1994, the world was introduced to The Lone Rangers, a band of heavy-metal misfits who just wanted their band to get heard, via Airheads. Today, the film that seems both improbably quaint (Who would even know where to find a radio station today, much less with the intent of holding it hostage?) and jam-packed with talent turns 20 years old.

Cheese Slicing, Pharoah's Curse & More: The 5 Most Important Things on the Internet (This Week)

The biggest thing on the Internet this week was obviously the Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality ruling. But while people (like me) were Tweeting in celebration, the Internet also continued to chug along, spitting out little nuggets of weirdness.

And this week was extra weird. And supernatural. And lactose-tolerant. Read on to get your fix.

50 Cent Live-Instagrammed a Visit to the Dentist
Gives new meaning to the term “flossin’.”

Brendan Fraser, Wife Split After Nine Years

Brendan Fraser and his wife Afton, married since 1998, are going their separate ways.

The Mummy star, 39, announced through his publicist Wednesday that the couple are ending their marriage.

“They continue to maintain a close and caring friendship,” representative Ina Treciokas said in a statement, the Associated Press reports.

The Frasers have three children: Griffin, Holden and Leland.

Brendan Fraser on a Hot Tin Roof

Following in the recent footsteps of Kevin Spacey, Darryl Hannah and Jessica Lange, the latest Hollywood star to take the stage in London’s West End will be “Mummy” star Brendan Fraser. On Sept. Sept. 18, he will open in the role as Brick, the latent homosexual former football hero, in the Tennessee Williams classic “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Ned Beatty will costar as his father, arrogant Southern plantation owner Big Daddy, and Australian actress Frances O’Connor will play the sexually frustrated wife of Brick, Maggie the Cat.

Fraser Goes 'Around the World'

Now that “The Mummy” has secured star status for its leading man, Brendan Fraser, Warner Bros. wants the actor to star as Phileas Fogg in yet another remake of the Jules Verne adventure story “Around the World in 80 Days.” (The story served as the basis for the 1956 Best Picture Oscar-winner, starring David Niven, and for a TV mini-series a few years ago, starring Pierce Brosnan.) Warners wants “Mummy” director Stephen Sommers to direct the new picture, says Variety.

Fraser's Big Salary

Director Joel Schumacher (“Batman Forever”) lost the two stars of his upcoming remake of the French thriller “L’Appartment,” Brendan Fraser and Kate Winslet, when both of them upped their asking price, reports Variety. Fraser (who was paid $4 million for “The Mummy”) reportedly wanted $10 million and Winslet $5 million. In the wake of the success of the $60,000 “The Blair Witch Project,” Hollywood is reining in budgets. Schumacher is now looking for other topliners to star in his $30 million picture.

Mummy Goes for a Ride

“The Mummy” with Brendan Fraser is already a certified hit, with a domestic gross approaching $160 million. Now comes word that its studio, Universal, is further capitalizing on the movie’s popularity by turning it into an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Stephen Sommers, who wrote and directed the movie, has also directed the development of “The Mummy Maze.” It will be featured as part of the theme park’s “Halloween Horror Nights III,” an interactive haunted house. The presentation will feature original props from the movie. Sommers is also working on a movie sequel.