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Watch Bruno Mars' 'Uptown Funk' as Performed by Your Favorite Movies

While the Bruno Mars-Mark Ronson collaboration “Uptown Funk” first came out last November, there’s a video that only hit the web this week that’s giving people a reason to enjoy the song in a whole new way.

Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran Engage in Faux Feud Following Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj's Twitter Dust-Up

The “Bad Blood” between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj appeared real during their tense Twitter exchange Tuesday, but the rest of the celebrity world apparently thought it was pretty hilarious.

Newsies Mashed Up with 'Uptown Funk' Makes a Lot of Sense ... Seriously (VIDEO)

“Uptown Funk” continues its path to world domination (probably) with this video that pairs the still-resonant tale of Christian Bale as a young newsboy with Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s inescapable hit.

The Obamas Celebrate the Fourth of July with Military Families at the White House: 'Freedom Isn't Free'

President Barack Obama, speaking Saturday night at the White House, reminded the men and women who serve this country that it is their sacrifice that secures us all our freedom, just minutes before the night sky exploded with the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

Internet Patron Saint Rick Astley Covers 'Uptown Funk' (VIDEO)

Rick Astley has, at this point, transcended his humble roots as the red-haired baritone behind 1987’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” to become something of a benevolent Internet figurehead.

Medical Students Make 'Uptown Funk' Adorably Nerdy in Parody Video

“Uptown Funk” just got a whole lot nerdier.

This 'Uptown Funk' Dance Might Be the Best One Yet (VIDEO)

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s infectious hit “Uptown Funk” isn’t going away yet!

Michelle Obama Gets 'Funk'-y on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (VIDEO)

Don’t believe her, just watch!

When First Lady Michelle Obama visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, she’s bringing some serious dance skills.

Kanye West Apologizes to Beck, Cries on Camera Over Late Fashion Mentor