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Bryan Cranston dished out a serious burn during a panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

Bryan Cranston Revives Walter White for Las Vegas Concert

If only briefly, Walter White was back this Saturday – and looking pretty good, too, considering how we last saw him.

Bryan Cranston Knows the Secret to Keeping the Actors of Finding Neverland Happy

From dealing meth to becoming a caterer?

At the opening night of Broadway’s Finding Neverland (sponsored by Brooks Brothers, Chase, iHeartMedia and USA Today) in New York City on Wednesday, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston told PEOPLE that he brought actors in the play the one thing they always needed: food.

Who Gave Jon Hamm Advice on Letting Go of Mad Men?

Jon Hamm has already admitted he got teary while filming the final episode of Mad Men, so it’s only natural the actor might hope to find comfort in the advice of someone who’d been through a similar experience.

Unfortunately for Hamm, a fellow AMC veteran gave crystal-clear advice that the path ahead could be rocky.

Breaking Bad's Showrunner Wants You to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Walter White's Roof

When fandom goes too far!

Though Breaking Bad ended in 2013, its fanbase is still as passionate as ever.

Sometimes, this passion translates into snapping pics of the Albuquerque home that was used for exterior shots of Walter White’s own (broken) home, which the owners are fine with.

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