Dreaming of a Pink Christmas? See Pink and Carey Hart's Holiday Party Photo

Pink and Carey Hart are anything but conventional, but their traditional-looking Christmas photo is something that could go on the mantelpiece above the stockings.

Pink Jokes About Pregnancy Rumors on Twitter

Is she or isn’t she?

It’s the question Pink fans have been asking for a few weeks now, and it seem the singer is tired of all the speculation over whether or not she’s expecting baby no. 2.

“I love that every time I find a box of Girl Scout cookies I’m pregnant,” she Tweeted on Friday. “Guilty: I’m having a thin mint.”

Pink's Daughter's Motorcycle Joyride: Readers Weigh In on Singer's Twitter Rant

Pink isn’t spinning her wheels on what critics think about her parenting skills.

The singer went on a pointed Twitter rant Monday after detractors blasted her for allowing her 2-year-old daughter, Willow, to go on a motorcycle ride with dad Carey Hart, who posted snapshots of the joyride on Instagram.

Pink Fights Back After Fans React to Willow, 2, on Motorbike with Carey Hart

Pink is fighting mad.

The singer took to Twitter on Monday, defending her parenting skills after fans criticized her for allowing her 2-year-old daughter, Willow, to go on a motorbike ride with her dad, Carey Hart.

The motocross champ posted pics on Instagram on Saturday of Willow’s big adventure.

Pink Postpones Two Concerts on Doctor's Orders

So she’s not invincible after all.

Pink has been forced to cancel two concerts this week after being put on “vocal rest” by her doctor.

The 34-year-old, who’s currently on her Truth About Love tour, thanked fans via Twitter for their support, saying, “Not very dramatic – doctor just wants me on complete vocal rest for four days to heal. So I can kick ass.”

Pink Is Afraid of Sharks and Spiders

She’s known for fearlessly performing high-wire acts during her concerts, but there’s one thing Pink is scared of.

“I’m afraid of spiders,” the singer reveals in the October issue of Women’s Health.

Actually, that’s not the only thing that terrifies the 33-year-old.

“I am afraid of sharks,” she continues.

Pink's Atlanta Outing: Brussels Sprouts, Wine & Husband Carey Hart

When it came to the Grammys, proud mommy Pink was happy to skip the red carpet in favor of cuddling at home with her 21-month-old daughter Willow.

Pink Trades Grammys for Mommy Time with Daughter Willow

Grammys, schammys!

Even though she was nominated for best pop vocal album, Pink was absent from the awards show on Sunday.

Instead, the 33-year-old singer spent the evening on Twitter, sharing her musings about the broadcast – and her busy day.

Pink Offers Sympathy for Kate's Pregnancy Woes

She’s tiny, athletic and so fit she can sing while hanging upside down performing Cirque du Soleil-style moves.

But Pink says she was just like many other women when she was pregnant last year – devouring a whole cheesecake in one sitting, gaining 60 pounds, feeling no morning sickness, but rather rage, often pointed at husband Carey Hart.

Pink, Carey Hart & Willow Going to Be a 'Gypsy Family' Says the Singer

It’s family affair for Pink, whose husband and daughter are in tow as she embarks on a world tour.

“We’re just going to be a gypsy family traveling the road. The best thing is that all my band and most of my dancers and everybody, we’ve all been together for so long that I look at them now as my future babysitters,” the mom to Willow, 15 months, tells the November issue of The Advocate.