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Except for his musical chops, Nashville star Chip Esten has little in common with his tortured, alcoholic singer-songwriter alter ego Deacon Claybourne. But one thing they share is a singular devotion to the women in their life, the actor tells PEOPLE.

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Sure, Nashville’s a show that isn’t afraid of a little soapy drama (and it’s one of the reasons we love it!). But underneath all that Hollywood-crafted heartbreak and twangst, there’s a fundamental respect for the Music City credo that “three chords and the truth will set you free.”

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Nashville Blog: Will Chase on Playing Rayna's Other Man

Every week, a member of the Nashville cast will blog about the latest episode of the ABC hit. This week, Will Chase – who plays Luke Wheeler – writes about being the other man in the complicated life of Rayna Jaymes.

It’s funny. Even with Deacon (Charles Esten) and all of his demons, fans demonize Luke, who has done absolutely nothing wrong. Like, I’m not a freakin’ mess! I’m not a bad guy!

Nashville Blog: Charles Esten Weighs in on the Rayna-Deacon-Luke Love Triangle

Every week, a member of the Nashville cast will blog about the latest episode on ABC. This week, it’s Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) weighing in on the season premiere, which included both a live performance by the actor of a song he wrote with singer-songwriter Deana Carter ("Strawberry Wine") as well as some momentous developments in the Deacon-Rayna-Luke love triangle.

The song I sang live, “I Know How to Love You Now,” has a cool little story.

Go Behind the Scenes at Rehearsals for Nashville's Season Premiere

When Nashville’s Chip Esten stepped on stage at the show’s recreated Bluebird Cafe set on Tuesday, he shook hands with his backing band, adjusted the guitar strap bearing the name of his alter ego, Deacon Claybourne, and grinned wide before flawlessly belting out an aching country tune. (Rayna Jaymes, take note: This man knows how to woo.)