George Clooney on Having Kids: 'It Hasn't Been High on My List'

Ask one little question about new bride Amal and George Clooney seems ready to gush. But ask him about the possibility of having kids and the actor seems eager to escape to Tomorrowland.

George Clooney on His Sweet – and Surprising! – Proposal to Amal: I Just Dropped It on Her

George Clooney couldn’t have been more sincere when he proposed to Amal Alamuddin last year after seven months of dating, but even he couldn’t resist letting some of his trademark humor slip in that all-important moment.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Reveals Ambitious Drone-Based Delivery Service

Amazon CEO’s Jeff Bezos’s omniscient reach into America’s homes won’t be ending with plebeian ground-based delivery, or even his purchase of The Washington Post.

Now, it looks like his company’s mastery will soon extend to the airways.

Johnny Depp Says Honesty Guided Split with Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp says his young two children have coped very well with his 2012 split from their mother, his former partner of 14 years, actress and model Vanessa Paradis.

Speaking with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning Monday, Depp said honesty guided the family in handling the breakup.