Chris Pratt's Prop Prank: Actor Mixes Veggies and the Male Anatomy – with Hilarious (and Slightly NSFW) Results

Chris Pratt has the self-professed humor of a middle-school boy – and we love him for it.

Pratt couldn’t resist meddling with some props on the set of his remake of 1960s western The Magnificent Seven, creating a slightly NSFW veggie version of a male (ahem) appendage.

Anna Faris Says Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors Have Been 'Weirdly Stinging'

Despite having what she calls an “incredible relationship,” Anna Faris said that rumors that her marriage to Chris Pratt is in trouble are “devastating.”

Chris Pratt: 'I Love to Fish so Much It Might Be a Sickness'

Chris Pratt is quite the fisherman.

The Jurassic World star spent the weekend fishing with his brother Cully in Grand Isle, Louisiana, on Sunday – and from the looks of the actor’s Instagram photos, the Pratt brothers had a very successful fishing trip.

What the Stars Are Watching This Week: Lea Michele, Chris Pratt, Amy Schumer and More Share Their Latest Small-Screen Obsessions

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Chris Pratt's Secret Past as a Painter: Actor Cops to Making Restaurant Mural in High School After Pic Resurfaces

Chris Pratt: actor, father, dinosaur wrangler and … painter?

The 36-year-old’s talents apparently extend to art, as it was recently rediscovered that Pratt used to paint murals in his home state of Washington.

During his teen years at Lake Stevens High School in Lake Stevens, Washington, he created murals in the school’s weight room and at local restaurants, he told Teen PEOPLE in 2003.

Chris Pratt Launches Facebook Competition to Create His Next Header Photo, Hilarity Ensues: See the Meme-Worthy Pics

It’s no question that Chris Pratt understands Internet culture – the actor even got in on the fun when he discovered he’d become a meme. But when Pratt launched a challenge asking fans to create his next Facebook header, he likely had no idea what he was in for.

Small Wonder! Chris Pratt Takes His Jurassic World Lego Figure on a Globe-Trotting Press Tour

It’s a small world after all for Chris Pratt.

While most stars cart along a supersize entourage on their press tours, the newly minted box office champ is happy to bring along one tiny, trusty pal: the Lego döppelganger of his Jurassic World character, Owen.

Chris Pratt Wears Undies to Bed and is Down for PDA – If It's Classy

Just say yes to PDA.

But keep it within reason, says Chris Pratt.

“Keep it classy,” Pratt, 36, says in the July/August issue of Women’s Health Magazine. “Don’t be gross. I don’t mind PDA; I do mind GPDA, which is Gross Public Displays of Affection.”

Chris Pratt Does His Best Jason Statham in This Hilarious Unearthed SNL Skit

Chris Pratt showed off many talents – including his musical prowess – when he hosted Saturday Night Live’s season 40 premiere last September. But we had to wait until now to see his uncanny Jason Statham impression.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Title Revealed as Director Says It's 'a More Emotional Movie'

There was definitely a moment or two where we teared up watching Guardians of the Galaxy but director James Gunn said over the weekend that the sequel will be “a more emotional movie.”