Claire Danes Sounds Off on Hollywood Body Bullying: 'My Body Is Monitored and Commented on Infinitely More Than My Male Counterpart'

Many actresses agree that being a woman in Hollywood isn’t easy, and Claire Danes is raising her voice in support of her fellow actresses and the criticism they’ve confronted about their size.

“I feel like my body is monitored and commented on infinitely more than my male counterpart,” the Homeland star tells PEOPLE.

Claire Danes: My Son Cyrus Is a 'Real Set Baby' on Homeland

“I have so many photos of him in various stages of development in Carrie Mathison’s chair,” she says

Homeland Recap: Are Carrie and Quinn Headed for Romance?

Quinn and Carrie, together? As in, a couple?

Okay, so it hasn’t actually happened yet, but it sure seemed to be the running theme on Sunday’s episode of Homeland.

We begin the show with Carrie (Claire Danes) assuming her post as station chief in Islamabad, where she meets her first roadblock: a grumpy subordinate named John, who is angry she took the job that was rightfully his.

Homeland Recap: Season 4 Kicks Off with a (Literal) Bang

Drone strikes gone wrong, thrilling chases in the back alleys of the Middle East, Saul, Quinn, Carrie the gang’s all here for Homeland season 4.

Except Brody, of course, who finally died at the end of last season, leaving Carrie both mourning his loss and carrying his baby. (His death was sad, but at least we don’t have to suffer through any more weird Dana subplots, so, hooray to that.)

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New Mom Carrie Heads Back to Middle East in Homeland Season 4 Trailer

Carrie’s all in … again.

In a new trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Homeland, Showtime’s Emmy-winning drama that returns in October, intelligence officer and new mom Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) tells her sister that she has to return to work because “I don’t have a choice.”

Somehow, we doubt that!

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