Study Reveals 41 Percent of Americans Want Donald Trump Out of the Presidential Race – And More Than Half Want George Clooney In

Despite early predictions, Donald Trump is consistently ranking high in the polls for the 2016 election.

But it seems that an even higher percentage of Americans would like The Donald to drop out of the race entirely.

An online study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of communications platform Callfire found that among a group of 2,039 U.S. adults of voting age, the largest number – 41 percent – want Trump fired from his own presidential campaign.

Tom Hanks in Talks to Play Heroic Pilot Sully Sullenberger in Clint Eastwood Movie

Tom Hanks may soon be taking flight onscreen.

The two-time Oscar winner is in negotiations to play Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the now-retired airline pilot who performed an emergency landing on the Hudson River and instantly became a hero, according to multiple reports.

Clint Eastwood's Caitlyn Jenner Joke Will Be Cut from Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards

A joke Clint Eastwood made at Caitlyn Jenner’s expense will not air during the broadcast of Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice 2015 Awards next month.

Clint Eastwood to Direct Biopic About 'Miracle on the Hudson' Pilot

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger captured the world’s attention when he miraculously landed his disabled jet in New York’s Hudson River, saving the lives of every passenger on board.

Now, the story of this real-life American hero is being turned into a movie, with Clint Eastwood directing it, Warner Bros. announced on Tuesday.

Scott Eastwood Reveals What Clint Was Really Like as a Dad

Sure, he might have a famous last name and an iconic father in Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood, but The Longest Ride star Scott Eastwood says getting to where he is today was no free ride.

Scott Eastwood: My Dad 'Didn't Care If I Was a Plumber or If I Was an Actor'

Scott Eastwood is well aware of the legacy tied to his last name.

The 28-year-old son of actor-director Clint Eastwood, 84, opened up about the father-son relationship he shares with his famous dad and embracing the Eastwood title.

Scott Eastwood Steps Out for a Shirtless Workout – We Try Not to Faint (PHOTOS)

No shirt, no shoes, no problem!

Scott Eastwood managed just fine while squeezing in an equipment- and sneaker-free workout in California on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old actor – who’s the son of actor-director Clint Eastwood – wore blue jeans, a leather belt with a big silver buckle and a baseball hat as he jogged in the sun and hit the grass for some push-ups and sit-ups.

Sienna Miller Calls American Sniper a 'Poignant, Human Story,' Praises Director Clint Eastwood

American Sniper star Sienna Miller proudly gave a shout-out to her film on the Academy Awards red carpet Sunday, calling it “an American story … a very poignant, human story.”

American Sniper Screenwriter Nixed Chris Kyle's Death in Script for the Sake of Kyle's Kids

The filmmakers behind American Sniper left out Chris Kyle’s violent murder at the end of the blockbuster movie for the sake of his two kids, says screenwriter Jason Hall.

American Sniper Hero Chris Kyle's Widow, Taya: 'I Will Love Him Until the Day I Die'