Hippo Tale Elicits Reader Gasps, Danielynn Birkhead Brings Smiles

Model-in-the-making Danielynn Birkhead, the late Anna Nicole Smith’s 6½-year-old daughter, prompted an outpouring of oohs and ahs this week when she dressed up like a favorite Disney heroine for the Kentucky Derby, while the gasps were strictly reserved for the amazing tale of the man who served as a hippo’s dinner – and then survived to tell his tale.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions from readers over this past week – the news that made you happy, sad, laugh out loud, awestruck, even angry.

Dannielynn Officially Named Anna Nicole Smith's Sole Heir

A petition to have Anna Nicole Smith’s 18-month-old daughter Dannielynnn declared the sole heir to her estate was approved Tuesday by a Los Angeles judge.

In court papers filed in Superior Court Oct. 18, 2007, Howard K. Stern, the executor of Smith’s estate, sought to clarify Smith’s intentions in her July 2001 will, drafted five years before Dannielynn Hope’s September 2006 birth. (Smith died in February 2007.)

Dannielynn Birkhead Battles Eye Problem

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, who celebrated her first birthday in September, is battling an eye problem.

“She has strabismus, which is a turning in of one of her eyes,” her father, Larry Birkhead, 34, tells Entertainment Tonight, “and it’s something that we’ve been looking out for for a while.”

Dannielynn Celebrates Her 1st Birthday

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn celebrated her 1st birthday on Saturday with a lavish party hosted by dad Larry Birkhead at the home of Louisville, Ky., socialite Tricia Barnstable Brown.

“It really was great to see [Dannielynn] smile, especially through all the things that we’ve been through, just to get to that milestone of one year was just great,” Birkhead told the Associated Press. (Dannielynn’s actual birthday was Friday.)

Larry Birkhead Describes Dannielynn's Nursery

Proving to be one of the most sought-after celebrities at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, Larry Birkhead beamed when talking about his nearly 8-month-old daughter, Dannielynn.

“The nursery is all pink,” Birkhead, 34, told PEOPLE of the baby’s room. (Pink was the favorite color of Dannielynn’s mom, the late Anna Nicole Smith.)

The baby also is already developing distinctive tastes, according to her father. “She loves Disney characters and zoo characters,” says Birkhead.

As for the nursery’s decor, “I did it all myself,” he says.

Larry Birkhead Returns to Where He Met Anna Nicole

Kentucky native Larry Birkhead received a hometown hero’s welcome Friday when he arrived at the annual pre-Kentucky Derby party where he first met Anna Nicole Smith in 2004.

Three years ago, Birkhead attended Louisville’s Barnstable Brown gala as a freelance photographer. On Friday, his appearance at the highly anticipated social event was as a celebrity – now that he’s an international news figure as the biological father of the late Smith’s baby, Dannielynn.

Larry Birkhead and Baby Meet the Parents

Larry Birkhead has taken his Bahamas-born, 7-month-old daughter Dannielynn to meet his family in Kentucky, saying he is looking forward to making the introductions.

“It just feels good to be home,” the L.A.-based photographer, 35, said Tuesday after stepping off a private jet and greeting journalists and fellow photographers who’d been waiting for him alongside a fence at the Louisville airport, the Associated Press reports.

Anna Nicole Smith's former nanny makes accusations

It just keeps getting weirder.  Anna Nicole Smith’s nanny filed an affadavit in the Bahamas making pretty crazy claims about Anna regarding care of Anna’s daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.  The nanny, Quethlie Alexis, worked for Anna from September 7 - November 30, when she says she was fired for misplacing a washing machine manual.  She filed the affadavit on December 4th because she said “I am therefore concerned for the baby’s welfare.”

Rumor: Larry Birkhead in The Bahamas for DNA test

Anna Nicole Smith’s possible baby’s daddy, Larry Birkhead, is reportedly in the Bahamas to ensure that he and Anna’s daughter, Dannielynn Hope , are DNA tested for paternity. Perez Hilton is reporting that a source told him that the photographer flew down to the island where Anna lives with the baby and her “husband” Howard K. Stern.

Rumor: Anna Nicole Smith to sell photos of Dannielynn to tabloids

According to E’s The Daily 10’s source, Anna Nicole Smith will be selling photos of her daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Sternto tabloids to raise money to buy a house in the Bahamas.  Theymentioned that she needs to own a house to be a resident- it must havesomething to do with keeping her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead away from Dannielynn legally.

Source: E’s The Daily 10