Darren Criss Could Be Checking into American Horror Story: Hotel

Is Darren Criss checking into American Horror Story: Hotel?

Criss, 28, is in talks to make a guest appearance in Hotel this fall, according to Entertainment Weekly.

'Every Person Deserves a Home': Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski Lead Star-Studded Fundraiser for Older Foster Kids

Nineteen-year-old Justice Henry says hope is what gets him out of bed every morning.

“You always have to have hope,” Henry of the Bronx, New York, tells PEOPLE. “Even when it’s hard to see it, you need to believe in it.”

Henry is just one of 1,300 kids waiting to be adopted in New York City. Additionally, there are more than 700 kids on the verge of aging out of the foster care system.

“People say I’m unadoptable,” says Henry. “But I disagree. It’s never to late to have someone in your life who you can call family.”

Glee: Get an Intimate Glimpse of the Cast's Final Day on Set (VIDEO)

Glee Series Finale: The Best Cameos and Callbacks

Glee Series Finale: Ranking the Songs

Glee wrapped its six-season run Friday night with a two-hour finale that evoked the best of the show’s early days.

Twelve songs – ranging from the saccharine to the sublime – figured into the night’s two episodes, “2009” and “Dreams Come True.” Some provided character insight, some tugged at the heartstrings, and some were pure expressions of joy.

Glee Series Finale Recap: The New Directions Don't Stop Believin' for One Minute

Over its six seasons, Glee has consistently proven that it can stick a landing, and the series finale was the absolute epitome of the scrappy musical dramedy’s ability to obliterate the memory of the bumpy road behind with one revelatory moment of heart-pumping, tear-jerking, can’t-stop-yourself-from-smiling, singing-and-dancing glory.

Glee Stars Talk Tearful Final Days on Set: 'It's Hilariously Tragically Wonderful It's Over'

Glee is entering the final week before its two-hour series finale on March 20, but Darren Criss said the last days of shooting were beautiful – not sad.

“I remember the very last shot, we were all crying and holding on to each other and Chord [Overstreet] just started bursting out laughing because, at that point, those emotions were all next to each other,” Criss, 28, told reporters at PaleyFest in LA on Friday.

Inside the Surprise Double Wedding on Glee! (VIDEO)

Darren Criss Will Host the NewNowNext Awards, Kristin Chenoweth to Perform

It’s a match made in Glee heaven.

Logo TV has tapped smooth-voiced heartthrob Darren Criss, 27, to host the NewNowNext Awards on Dec. 7, which will also feature a performance from Glee alum Kristin Chenoweth.

Darren Criss Thanks His Ex for 'Pivotal' Dating Advice

Breakups are tough, but they can also be instructive. Just ask Darren Criss.

“When I was a junior in college, I’d broken up with a girl, but there were those residual months when I was still calling her all the time and wanting to spend time with her,” the Glee star, 26, tells Cosmopolitan in their October issue, on newsstands Sept.10.