Debbie Gibson Turns 45 – and Reflects on Her Totally '80s Videos

There was big hair. There was a lot of denim. And, of course, there was that famous black hat.

In the late 1980s, Debbie Gibson was pop music’s teen sensation, charting on the top 40 with 10 songs, including two #1 hits. (In 1988, “Foolish Beat” was her first song to top the charts, making her the youngest female artist to write, produce and perform a #1 single – a record that endures today.)

Debbie Gibson: Recovery from Lyme Disease Has Been a 'Challenge'

When Debbie Gibson was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year, she began a scary journey of pain and confusion.

“My back kept going out,” she tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t lift my head sometimes. My boyfriend said I was mixing up words in my texts. It really got into my cognitive skills. I took crazy amounts of antibiotics, including doxycycline. It killed so much stuff in my body that I became a shell of myself.”

Debbie Gibson Answers 4 Questions on Her 44th Birthday

She was a teen star, releasing the triple-platinum Out of the Blue when she was just 16.

In the subsequent 28 years, Debbie Gibson has had her ups and downs. Her career high: becoming the youngest person in history to write, perform and produce a #1 hit, with “Foolish Beat.” Her low? Probably the entire season she competed on Celebrity Apprentice.

Debbie Gibson Is Battling Lyme Disease

When Debbie Gibson flew to Chile for two sold-out shows, she had a great idea: she would share concert photos and videos on her blog, thinking it was the best way to interact with her fans.

But the reaction wasn’t exactly what she had hoped. The usually slender Gibson had lost even more weight, causing fans to taunt her skeletal appearance online. “Some were just plain mean and ignorant,” she says.

The response inspired Gibson, 43, to come clean about a health challenge she has been facing.

Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth Turns 25: A Loving Look Back at the Videos

A decade before Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera ruled the charts, Debbie Gibson reigned as teen-pop princess, with a prolific body of work – she recorded more than 100 of her own songs by age 15 – and a hat collection to rival Blossom’s.

Debbie Gibson Recalls Working with Dick Clark

When Dick Clark died last week at age 82, several stars shared personal memories of the man called “America’s Oldest Teenager.”

Debbie Gibson and Clay Aiken Will Compete on Celebrity Apprentice

Let the boardroom battles begin!

Former American Idol star Clay Aiken and ’80s pop singer Debbie Gibson will be competing on the newest season of Donald Trump’s series The Celebrity Apprentice, an inside source confirms to PEOPLE.

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice is also reportedly going to be a contestant

Deborah Gibson Credits Boyfriend for Helping Her Lose Weight

Deborah Gibson has a secret weapon in her battle to stay fit: her boyfriend.

For a year and a half, Gibson has been dating Rutledge Taylor, a medical doctor specializing in preventative medicine. To help Gibson keep in shape for her busy schedule, he developed a strict diet and exercise program. “I won’t say it was easy,” Gibson tells PEOPLE, “but it was really effective. He really came up with something that worked for me.”

“I thought I had just 5 lbs. to lose,” she continues, “But as it went on, I realized that I needed to drop a few more.”

Deborah Gibson: 'Scary' Stalker Won't Slow Her Down

Deborah Gibson is speaking out about the man who allegedly stalked her earlier this April.

In her restraining order application filed on Tuesday, Gibson, 37, alleges that Bassas Jorge Puigdollers has continually shown up at Gibson’s hotel and house. The last straw was when Puigdollers came to her home and knocked on her door.

“That was crossing a line, so that was really scary,” she tells PEOPLE. “I am a single female, so I reacted like anyone would and called 911. I’m very good at reacting calmly in the moment, but then I fall apart later.”

Deborah Gibson: Howie Dorough High-Fived His Bride

What better way to celebrate a wedding than with a passionate high five? That was Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough’s theory when he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Leigh Boniello.

After the pair was officially pronounced man and wife on Saturday, “They high-fived each other in church,” says singer Deborah Gibson, a longtime friend of Dorough’s who attended their Orlando nuptials. “They really are best friends and that came across throughout the whole ceremony.”