Celebrate Sean Connery's 85th Birthday with Nine Celeb Impressions of His Amazing Voice

The original James Bond himself, Sean Connery, turned 85 on Tuesday. Throughout his career, he has performed in serious dramas, action flicks and even the occasional musical about leprechauns. However, one feature unites all his roles: his voice.

The Usual Suspects, 20 Years Later: Everything You Never Knew

Rosebud was a sled. Norman Bates was his mother. And two decades ago this week, The Usual Suspects delivered another of the most memorable final-act plot twists in the history of movies.

It’s basically impossible to discuss the legacy of The Usual Suspects without explaining its surprise ending in depth, so let this be your spoiler warning: The following article will disclose the identity of Keyser Söze – or at least who we’re pretty sure he is.

5 Things to Know About Princess Charlotte of Monaco's New Boyfriend

Stand-up comic and film actor Gad Elmaleh is not only considered the funniest person in France, but he’s also dating Monaco’s Charlotte Casiraghi, the stunning royal granddaughter of the late Princess Grace Kelly. And Casiraghi is expecting their first child together later this year.

Virtually unknown in the U.S., Elmaleh, 42, was actually in Woody Allen’s Oscar-winning Midnight in Paris, as the misguided Détective Tisserant.