Adele Celebrates Her Birthday with Her Best George Michael Impression

Rumour has it Adele’s got a new look!

On Wednesday, Adele shared a picture on her Twitter account of the singer dressed up as fellow Grammy winner George Michael.

“Thank you for the birthday wishes I had a wonderful time! I was my hero x #gottahavefaith,” she Tweeted.

Brooke Shields's Bombshell of the Day: George Michael Didn't Want Her Sex

Brooke Shields tells all about her celebrity romances, her mom and her crazy life as a child star. Subscribe now for instant access to our exclusive PEOPLE cover story and excerpt from her new book.

Brooke Shields Tells All: Her Mom, Her Men and Losing Her Virginity

Brooke Shields tells all about her celebrity romances, her mom and her crazy life as a child star. Subscribe now for instant access to our exclusive PEOPLE cover story and excerpt from her new book.

She’s one of the most famous faces on the planet. Ever since Brooke Shields made her acting debut at 11 months old in an Ivory Soap commercial, she has lived her entire life in the spotlight – thanks to her mother, manager and constant companion Teri Shields.

George Michael Says Coming Out Didn't Make His Life Easier

George Michael never actually came out intentionally. It took an embarrassing, “public in a park in Beverly Hills back in 1998 to do that.

Only after the bust did he feel forced to admit to CNN that yes, he was gay.

George Michael Auctions 'Dog Wall' for Charity

Touring the world without your pets can be tough, as George Michael knows all too well.

So the singer and his George Michael Symphonica crew created a keepsake called the Dog Wall, a photo collage that they travel with, featuring everyone’s pets.

The singer has announced that he’s selling the signed collection – featuring three pics of his own pups Meg and Abbey – all in the name of charity.

Olympics Closing Ceremonies Spotify Playlist: 20 Best Songs

The closing ceremonies are over, the Olympic flame is extinguished and all’s quiet over London. Sunday night, however, was a different story, with pop stars from the Spice Girls to George Michael to Oasis paying tribute to the games in a star-studded closing ceremony. It was a Who’s Who (featuring The Who) of British pop stars!

George Michael Questioned Over Car Crash

George Michael was arrested and questioned by police after his car was involved in an accident near London early Friday.

The singer, 46, was held by Thames Valley Police on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but was released without charges, BBC News reports.

Michael confirmed the incident Saturday but said in a statement that he was “stone cold sober” during the accident. He added that doesn’t want his fans or family “worried by what they are reading,” according to the Associated Press

Boy George Urges Winehouse to Get Clean

He’s no stranger to drug abuse. Now Boy George is speaking out to encourage troubled singers Amy Winehouse and George Michael to get clean.

“When I look at Amy and George, I know where they are, I know what they are,” he tells Britain’s The Times. “I know what it’s like to be clacking, sweaty and chaotic and to have no clarity.”

George Michael Arrested in London

George Michael was arrested in London Friday after being discovered with what police say were Class A and a Class C drugs, according to reports Sunday.

The singer, 45, was cautioned and has not been charged.

A Scotland Yard press spokesman says, “A 45-year-old man male was arrested on Sept. 19 in the Hampstead Heath area on suspicion of the possession of drugs.”

While the statement did not name Michael, other sources confirmed his identity, CNN reports.

George Michael Calls Out Dr. Phil At Concert

George Michael gave Dr. Phil McGraw a little tough love at his concert Wednesday night at the L.A. Forum.

“I probably shouldn t say this, but it s very me. Dr. Phil is here, and in the sea of faces he has this miserable look – he’s been doing it for the last hour,” the British singer said from the stage at McGraw, who was in the audience. “Maybe you need to see someone about that.”

A source at the show described the jibe from Michael as “very playful.”