House of Versace: 6 Favorite Donatella Versace Moments

Gina Gershon has a wide, downturned mouth that can express disdain, arrogance and sexual mischief. She is never, ever boring.

Put her in a cascading wig of long blonde hair, get her to lower her voice to sound like an Italian-accented bassoon, and you have Donatella Versace.

Gina Gershon Channels Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is no stranger to parody.

On Saturday Night Live, Maya Rudolph famously portrayed a chain-smoking, stumbling, mumbling version of the Italian designer who could scarcely be understood until she screamed her tagline, “Now get out!”

Gina Gershon Loses Her Cat – and Her Mind – in New Memoir

Gina Gershon was willing to do anything to get her loved one back.

And she means anything. When the actress lost her cat Cleo, she combed the streets of Los Angeles – and much more – to find the missing feline.

Gershon details her desperate measures in an “almost totally true” memoir, In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind, out this month.

Matthew McConaughey: Kids Remind You to Play Make Believe

When it’s playtime in the McConaughey household, Dad is all in and Matthew McConaughey says that it makes him better at his acting job.

“It is more fun, because the kids remind you to play make believe every day,” the 2005 Sexiest Man Alive and father of two tells PEOPLE.