Watch Guy Pearce's New, Strange Music Video (NSFW)

Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, move over. Another actor Down Under also wants to be a musician. And when he’s this endearingly strange about it, we’re not complaining.

Robert Pattinson Is Broody, Bloodied and Briefly Shirtless in New The Rover Trailer

With two films set to be screened at Cannes this year, it’s safe to say Robert Pattinson has officially left his sparkly vampire past far behind him.

The trailer for one of those movies, The Rover, was released Thursday, and it finds the Twilight actor bloodied and desperate in post-apocalyptic Australia.

Iron Man 3 Not as Much Fun as Original – or The Avengers

It’s hard to know how battling a giant alien millipede might affect a guy, but it seems to have turned Iron Man 3’s Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) into Bruce Wayne.

This post-Avengers Iron Man is a brooding insomniac, tinkering in his Batcave and so mired in existential angst that he’s having panic attacks. He’s so dour, it’s actually a relief when a madman attacks his Malibu manse, blowing it off the map in one of the film’s most spectacular scenes.

Tom Hardy Gets Cheeky with Jessica Chastain in Cannes

They were one of the hottest casts to walk the red carpet this year in Cannes. The stars of the western crime drama Lawless gathered for a special PEOPLE shoot, right after their big moment on the steps of the Palais de Festivals on May 19.

Shot steps from the Palais at the Baoli Beach Club before their after-party, the cast includes Guy Pearce, Jason Clarke, Shia LaBeouf (who brought his mother as his date), Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy and Dane DeHaan.

Kate Winslet's Life Saved by Mildred Pierce Costar Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce is great to work with. In a pinch, he’ll even save your life.

Kate Winslet found this out recently while filming Mildred Pierce for HBO. The period piece required Pearce, 43, to drive an unwieldy 1929 Cord automobile with heavy steering and awkward gears. And at one point, with Winslet, 35, in the passenger seat, they had a very close call.

Who Should Play Julian Assange in the Movie?

Who has the right mix of roguish bravado to portray Julian Assange on the big screen?

That’s the question facing DreamWorks, which is planning a feature film about the controversial WikiLeaks founder, after securing the rights to two books written about him.

Stalled Katie Holmes Horror Movie Comes Back to Life

There’s light at the end of the scary tunnel: A new studio has stepped in and set a release date for a horror thriller starring Katie Holmes that had been shelved last year when its original studio, Miramax, was sold by Disney.