Heejun Han's Post-American Idol Plans: Household Chores

Heejun Han: Jennifer Lopez Fought to Save Me on Idol

The American Idol judges gave Heejun Han a standing ovation Wednesday night, but when the public voted him at the bottom of the competition, even Jennifer Lopez couldn’t convince the trio to save him.

“[Lopez] told me she was trying to save me, but [Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson] didn’t listen to her,” Han told reporters following Thursday night’s results show.

Is American Idol's Heejun Han Headed for a Sitcom Next?

The judges sent Heejun Han packing Thursday night on American Idol, but the notorious joker’s television career may not be over.

“I’m gonna definitely make something out of [this experience] by doing anything that’s in front of me: acting, comedy, sitcom, singing, dancing, – just not adult films,” Han told reporters following Thursday night’s results show.

American Idol Reveals the Top 8

After an emotional night of stellar performances – which earned a record five standing ovations from the judges! – American Idol’s top nine contestants faced another elimination night on Thursday.

The contestant with the lowest number of votes would have to sing for his or her life in an attempt to convince the judges into using their one save of the season.

Did they use it? Keep reading for all the results …

American Idol's Top 9 Thrill on Emotional Night

What happens when wannabe idols take on the music of their own idols?

On Wednesday’s episode of American Idol, the top nine contestants tackled tunes by their heroes, bringing out some of the most inspired performances so far this season – as well as a bevy of standing ovations from the judges.