'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People': 5 Times Kanye West Has Gotten Political

When Kanye West turned his 12-minute Video Music Awards acceptance speech into a presidential campaign announcement Sunday, he managed to shock an audience accustomed to wild moments. (How about that Nicki-Taylor makeup turned Nicki-Miley feud?)

Hillary Clinton's Latest Emails Reveal She's a Fan of The Good Wife, Parks And Rec – And Skim Milk!

While the release of information from Hillary Clinton’s emails has certainly been intense, there’s been no shortage of fun tidbits along the way.

On Monday, the fourth – and largest – batch of emails were released. What did we learn? How she takes her tea, that she needs a lesson or two in how to work an iPad and what her favorite television shows are.

Hillary Takes the Hamptons: Inside Clinton's Star-Studded Fundraisers

A #Winning Combination? Charlie Sheen Wants to Be Donald Trump's Vice President

Apparently Charlie Sheen no longer thinks Donald Trump is a “shame pile of idiocy.”

After slamming the GOP front-runner in a very special tweet last month, the former Two and a Half Men star has had a change of heart – and now wants to be the Donald’s running mate.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and More Presidential Candidates React to Virginia Shooting

The grieving father of slain WDBJ reporter Alison Parker said Wednesday that he won’t rest until the United States adopts stricter gun laws, promising, “I’m not going to let this issue drop.”

Hillary Clinton Attacks Jeb Bush on Twitter After He Says Planned Parenthood Is 'Not Actually Doing Women's Health Issues'

Hillary Clinton is taking aim at Jeb Bush on Twitter once again after the former Florida governor said Planned Parenthood shouldn’t receive government funding because it is “not actually doing women’s health issues.”

Donald Trump Gains on Hillary Clinton – New 2016 General Election Poll Puts Him Just Six Points Down

Will Hillary get Trumped?

A new poll from CNN/ORC Polling reveals that billionaire Donald Trump is trailing Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton by only six points in the general election.

Hillary Clinton Just Started Following One Very Cool Star on Twitter

Unlike Barack Obama, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is fairly selective when it comes to who she follows on Twitter.

The current POTUS follows 641,000 accounts (quite the way to connect with the American people), whereas Clinton keeps tabs on just 142.

Joe Biden Leans Toward Presidential Run

Vice President Joe Biden might soon be announcing a bid for the presidency in 2016, especially if he can pull together a campaign this late in the game, people close to the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

Study Reveals 41 Percent of Americans Want Donald Trump Out of the Presidential Race – And More Than Half Want George Clooney In

Despite early predictions, Donald Trump is consistently ranking high in the polls for the 2016 election.

But it seems that an even higher percentage of Americans would like The Donald to drop out of the race entirely.

An online study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of communications platform Callfire found that among a group of 2,039 U.S. adults of voting age, the largest number – 41 percent – want Trump fired from his own presidential campaign.