Gary Sinise Blasts Howard Dean for Calling American Sniper Fans 'Angry'

The American Sniper controversy continued this week, with the latest battle pitting actor Gary Sinise against former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean.

On Friday night, Dean, 66, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and said during a panel discussion that people who go to see the Oscar-nominated Clint Eastwood film are “very angry.”

NEWS BRIEFS: Jessica Lynch Honored

AWARDED: Jessica Lynch, the former Army supply clerk who was captured last March in Iraq and became a prisoner of war before being rescued in April, has received the inaugural Lewis McManus Service Award, the Associated Press reports. The award, named for the former West Virginia Speaker of the House, is given by the Ohio-West Virginia YMCA, which sponsors a leadership center and youth government program. Lynch was the subject of a CBS television movie about her ordeal, and she recently released an autobiography as well.