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Since announcing his presidential bid, Donald Trump has come under fire for his controversial remarks on illegal immigration and whether or not Sen. John McCain is a “war hero.”

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Over the weekend, New York businesswoman and mom of two Ivanka Trump ran her first half marathon in Central Park, along with her team of Ivanka Trump brand staffers.

Ivanka Trump Is Training for Her First Half Marathon – and Loving It

Catch her if you can!

New York businesswoman and mom of two Ivanka Trump is running her first half marathon in Central Park on April 19. She talked to PEOPLE about her training, tricks and team spirit.

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Joan Rivers Makes Posthumous Celebrity Apprentice Appearance

Ivanka Trump: Joan Rivers Was 'Very Warm' During Appearance on Celebrity Apprentice

While Joan Rivers may have been known for a fairly caustic wit, her upcoming appearance on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice proved to Donald Trump and the rest of the cast and crew that she wasn’t all sharp edges behind the scenes.

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And yes, Donald Trump’s children know that they were spoiled.

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