James Franco Pens Book About Lana Del Rey – Because Why Not

James Franco has written a new book with a slightly askew angle because, well, that’s what James Franco does.

The actor-writer-artist, 37, has penned a short book about friend Lana Del Rey, Penguin Random House recently revealed on its website.

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Cat Lover James Franco Loves Farm Animals, Cow Kisses

It’s no secret that James Franco is a cat man, but did you know his love for farm animals also runs deep?

WATCH: New Trailer for Beloved The Little Prince

The Little Prince International Trailer 2 by OrangefrIf you or anyone you know were ever a child, you’re probably familiar with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella The Little Prince.

Murderer Depicted in Movie True Story Tells PEOPLE: 'I Don't Feel I Can Be Redeemed'

The bodies began appearing, one after the other, in the frigid waters near Newport, Oregon, a few days before Christmas 2001.

Zachery Longo, 4, was the first to be found, on Dec. 19; a pillowcase filled with rocks had been tied to his leg. The waterlogged corpse of his sister, Sadie, 3, was discovered three days later, a similar rock-filled pillowcase wrapped around her tiny leg.

James Franco Shows Off His Impressive Abs – with a Side of Attitude (PHOTO)

Abs with a side of attitude?

James Franco posted a shirtless picture to his Instagram account on Wednesday in which he shows off his impressive figure while flipping the bird to the camera.

“Back into the fray Get ready for ‘The Long Home’ beeetches!” he captioned the photo, with a list of The Long Home’s cast members, followed by “the whole gang getting dirty in the South.”

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If anyone in North Korea wanted to see The Interview, he or she is about to get 10,000 chances.

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