The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 10 Years Later: Celebrate All the Careers It Helped Launch

Ten years ago this week, Steve Carell starred in a little movie about a guy trying to find a way to lose something. And for this we are thankful. Let’s turn the “Way Back Wednesday” machine to Aug. 19, 2005.

It's the 10-Year Anniversary of Forty Year Old Virgin - Relive the Best Moments!

WATCH: Find Out How Hubby John Legend Mortifies Chrissy Teigen on Hollywood Game Night

According to her husband John Legend, Chrissy Teigen is what you might call geographically challenged.

Upfronts 2015: PEOPLE Editors Preview Their Most Anticipated Shows

Set your DVRs!

This week, the major TV networks announced their upcoming fall and midseason shows. Here are the top 15 choices PEOPLE’s own TV team is most excited to watch.

Jane Lynch Reveals Who Gave Her the Best Advice – Even If It Was 'Flawed on So Many Levels'

At the CBS upfront presentation for her new show Angel from Hell, in which she plays an irreverent wisecracker who may or may not be an actual guardian angel, Jane Lynch told PEOPLE about her own personal guiding light.

Glee: Get an Intimate Glimpse of the Cast's Final Day on Set (VIDEO)

Glee Series Finale: The Best Cameos and Callbacks

Glee Series Finale: Ranking the Songs

Glee wrapped its six-season run Friday night with a two-hour finale that evoked the best of the show’s early days.

Twelve songs – ranging from the saccharine to the sublime – figured into the night’s two episodes, “2009” and “Dreams Come True.” Some provided character insight, some tugged at the heartstrings, and some were pure expressions of joy.

Glee Series Finale Recap: The New Directions Don't Stop Believin' for One Minute

Over its six seasons, Glee has consistently proven that it can stick a landing, and the series finale was the absolute epitome of the scrappy musical dramedy’s ability to obliterate the memory of the bumpy road behind with one revelatory moment of heart-pumping, tear-jerking, can’t-stop-yourself-from-smiling, singing-and-dancing glory.

Glee Finale: Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison and More Tweet Final Memories

After six emotional seasons of song covers and endless ups and downs at William KcKinley High School, the cast of Glee are bidding farewell to the musical series.