Check Out Jennifer Aniston's Hot Bod as She Films a Workout Scene for Her New Movie, Mother's Day

It was 95 degrees in Atlanta on Tuesday, but the weather wasn’t the only thing that was hot.

Jennifer Aniston showed off her killer curves on location as she filmed a scene for her new movie, Mother’s Day.

Jennifer Aniston Caught Wearing Nothing But a Towel on Mother's Day Set in Atlanta

Talk about a steamy situation!

Jennifer Aniston stepped outside wearing nothing but a white towel while filming Mother’s Day in Atlanta this week.

The actress, 46, looked natural with little makeup and her hair pinned back for a scene in which her character seemingly locked herself outside of the house while only wearing a towel.

In between takes, Aniston made sure to cover back up a little, slipping on a khaki trench coat and flip flops.

Jennifer Aniston 'Gracious to Everyone on Set' While Filming Mother's Day in Atlanta

Jennifer Aniston is officially back to work.

The newly married actress was spotted on the set of her upcoming film Mother’s Day on Thursday.

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