Will.i.am to Kick Off Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon

The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Show of Strength telethon will get an energetic kick-off.

Sunday’s three-hour program – featuring performances by Carrie Underwood, Pitbull, Gavin DeGraw, Carole King and a slew of other talent – will begin with will.i.am performing his dance tune, “This Is Love,” alongside vocalist Eva Simons and MDA Los Angeles Goodwill Ambassador, Lucas Cook.

Jerry Lewis Is Not Back as Host of Muscular Dystrophy Telethon: Rep

After a newspaper report this weekend that Jerry Lewis would resume his role as host of this year’s Labor Day weekend Muscular Dystrophy Association, the veteran entertainer’s rep said this would not be happening.

“Him being reinstated as the host of the MDA telethon is not accurate,” Lewis’s spokesperson Candi Cazau told Reuters.

Jerry Lewis Out as Chairman of Muscular Dystrophy Association

After more than half a century, Jerry Lewis has ended his run as national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The actor-comedian-filmmaker, 85, had served in the role since the early 1950s.

“Jerry Lewis is a world-class humanitarian, and we’re forever grateful to him for his more than half century of generous service to MDA,” said R. Rodney Howell, M.D., chairman of the board for the MDA.

Jerry Lewis Cited for Carrying Concealed Weapon

Police cited veteran funnyman Jerry Lewis for allegedly concealing an unloaded weapon in his carryon luggage as the 82-year-old was preparing to fly from Las Vegas to Detroit, Las Vegas policeman Bill Cassell tells the Associated Press.

Lewis’s manager, Claudia Marghilano, called the handgun a hollowed-out prop gun for Lewis’s show. It could not fire, she added, also claiming her client did not know the item was in his bag.

Cassell, however, said a prop gun “wouldn’t be a weapon, and we couldn’t cite him for carrying a weapon.”
Stephen M. Silverman

Jerry Lewis Suffers 'Mild' Heart Attack

Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis suffered a heart attack in Las Vegas on Sunday that a casino spokesperson described as “mild.”

“At present, he is under hospital care and is expected to make a full recovery,” said Candi Cazau, a rep for the Orleans hotel-casino in Las Vegas, where the 80-year-old’s scheduled July 13-16 performances have been postponed.

Lewis is also suffering from “a touch of pneumonia,” Cazau said in a statement, the Associated Press reports.

Jerry Lewis Recovering After Collapse

Veteran comic Jerry Lewis was resting comfortably Monday after collapsing backstage at a charity show at London’s Palladium theater, and he’s due to fly home Tuesday, a spokeswoman tells Reuters.

As a precaution, medical personnel were summoned to examine him, “and everything checked out okay,” Candi Cazau said. “He didn’t even go to the hospital. He’s absolutely fine.”

She blamed Lewis’s rigorous schedule for his collapse.

Jerry Lewis: Raising Hay -- and Hayes

It was a Jerry Lewis kind of weekend, as the veteran entertainer raised a record $58.3 million in pledges during his 37th annual Labor Day telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a spokesperson tells the Associated Press. That topped last year’s record of $56.8 million.

But while TV viewers glimpsed a very bloated Lewis, 76, who is being treated with steroids for pulmonary fibrosis (an ailment of the lungs), CBS is preparing to air a glimpse of Lewis in his prime, as played by flamboyant “Will & Grace” sidekick Sean Hayes.

Lewis on the Mend

Jerry Lewis is “doing fine” following a bout with viral meningitis and will be ready to host his annual Labor Day Telethon next month, a spokesman said. “He’s had a miserable week and will likely be spending some time on his boat for some R&R,” executive assistant Claudia Stabile said Wednesday. Lewis, 73, was hospitalized in Darwin, Australia, earlier this week after falling ill Sunday during a performance tour. He had hoped to resume performances today in Sydney, but the decision was made to cancel the balance of the tour and return home.

Jerry Lewis: No Kidding

Despite health problems, Jerry Lewis hosted his 34th annual Labor Day Telethon and raised a record $53.1 million in pledges for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The entertainer fought off double vision and headaches during the telethon and had to spend time resting backstage before returning for Monday’s finale. “He experienced some double vision and his blood pressure spiked,” said a telethon spokesman.

Jerry Lewis: Not Funny

Jerry Lewis didn’t love Lucy – or, by the sound of it, few others but himself. The comic and filmmaker, 73, stunned an audience of 1,000 people at Aspen’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival this weekend during a Q&A session conducted by Martin Short. Asked which women comics he admired, Lewis answered, “I don’t like any female comedians.” Short mentioned Lucille Ball. “You must have loved her,” he said to Lewis, who replied, “No.” Lewis went on to say, “A woman doing comedy doesn’t offend me but sets me back a bit. I, as a viewer, have trouble with it.