See Breast Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden's New No-Wig Look: This Is My 'New Normal'

Joan Lunden is ready to put her battle with breast cancer behind her and embrace her “new normal.” The former Good Morning America host showed off her new no-wig look at Tigerlily Foundation Young Women’s Breast Health Day on the Hill on Wednesday, in Washington, D.C.

Joan Lunden Breast Cancer Battle Update: 'The Farther I Get from My Chemotherapy, the Better I Feel'

Nine months after Joan Lunden went public with the news she had been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, the former Good Morning America host has finished treatment and is focused on a new mission in life.

Joan Lunden's Fight Against Breast Cancer: I'm a Warrior

Joan Lunden was only planning on getting a spray tan.

But when she walked into a salon in Greenwich, Conn., on June 25, one week after finishing up her first round of chemotherapy as part of her fight against breast cancer, she was suddenly inspired to do something far more bold.

Having come to terms with the fact that she would soon be losing her trademark blonde hair, Lunden had a moment of revelation before the tanning could begin.

Joan Lunden's Cancer Treatment: Why She Chose Chemotherapy Before Surgery

When Joan Lunden was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer on June 9, the former Good Morning America host had to quickly choose a treatment plan. But after getting drastically different opinions, Lunden was left feeling overwhelmed.

Joan Lunden's Breast Cancer Battle: Why I'm Taking Off My Wig

When Joan Lunden was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in June, the former Good Morning America host knew she had two choices.

“I could decide to do nothing, but that’s certainly not my personality,” Lunden, 64, tells PEOPLE in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday. “I was handed an opportunity to learn everything that I can about this and try to help others.”

Inside our Exclusive Interview with Joan Lunden on How She s Conquering Breast Cancer

When I arrived in Naples, Maine to interview Joan Lunden about her battle with breast cancer, I wondered how the three-day trip was going to go. After all, this was a woman who was in the middle of chemotherapy to fight triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease that doesn t respond to targeted treatment. But the second I was introduced to “Bazooka Joan” as her three daughters lovingly call her, (she s also mom to two sets of twins) I realized who I was dealing with.

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It's a Girl! Joan Lunden Is a Grandma

Joan Lunden’s family just got a little bit larger!

The former Good Morning America host’s daughter Lindsay Krauss Weinberg welcomed baby girl Parker Leigh on Aug. 30.

“Everything is wonderful and this has been the most amazing experience ever,” Weinberg tells PEOPLE.

Joan Lunden on Her Battle with Breast Cancer: 'Time to Go into Warrior Mode'

Joan Lunden has always prided herself on staying on top of her health.

Every year, the former Good Morning America host, 63, would go in for a mammogram and a follow-up ultrasound – an extra precaution for women like her with dense breast tissue – and breathe a sigh of relief as she walked out the door.

“You come out of there like, ‘Yes! One more year I’m okay,’” Lunden told GMA during a June 24 visit.

But this year, when her doctor returned with ultrasound results on June 9, Lunden felt as if something was different.

Joan Lunden Completes Second Chemotherapy Treatment Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When Joan Lunden was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, or TNBC – a rare and aggressive form of the disease – the former Good Morning America co-host was initially “shell-shocked.” But Lunden turned a corner quickly and is focusing on finding strength through the love and support of her family, fans and colleagues.