New Photo Shows Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias Pantomiming Shooting Travis Alexander in the Head

In 2007, Daniel Freeman went on vacation with his friends Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. During the road trip, they stopped to see the Grand Canyon. Freeman took more than 100 snapshots of Arias and Alexander, noting their playful interactions.

The next year, Arias shot Alexander in the head and stabbed him multiple times.

Travis Alexander's Friend Recalls Telling Jodi Arias About the Murder

Just hours after Travis Alexander was found dead in June 2008, his friend Daniel Freeman decided to call Jodi Arias to tell her about the killing.

It was a bizarre conversation. Freeman didn’t yet know that Arias was involved in the slaying.

Jodi Arias Ordered to Pay Restitution to the Family of Her Victim, Travis Alexander

An Arizona judge has ordered Jodi Arias to pay $32,000 to the family of her victim, Travis Alexander.

The money would help Alexander’s family offset trial travel expenses such as airfare and lodging.

Arias was convicted of first degree murder in the 2008 stabbing and shooting death of her lover, Travis Alexander. She was sentenced in April to life in prison without parole.

Jodi Arias Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole

Jodi Arias was sentenced on Monday morning to life in prison without parole in the 2008 slaying of her boyfriend Travis Alexander.

A judge had the option of sentencing her to life with or without parole, The Arizona Republic reports.

Jodi Arias Trial: Hung Jury for Second Time, Mistrial Declared

A mistrial was declared in the Jodi Arias case after a Phoenix jury could not decide on whether she deserved the death penalty for the 2008 slaying of her boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Arias, now 34, will spend life in prison and can no longer be given the death penalty, according to state law. On April 13, the judge will decide whether she spends life in prison with or without parole.

Jodi Arias Back in Court for Sentencing Retrial

The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial began Tuesday with lawyers alternately portraying her as a vicious killer and a hard-luck case deserving a second chance.

As he delivered his opening statement, prosecutor Juan Martinez displayed a photo of the slit throat of Arias’s boyfriend and victim Travis Alexander, who also was shot and suffered about 30 stab wounds in his Mesa home more than six years ago.

Jodi Arias Could Still Face Death Penalty, Judge Decides

A judge denied a motion from Jodi Arias’s defense team this week to have the death penalty removed as a sentencing option for the woman whose murder trial became an international sensation.

Lifetime's Jodi Arias Film Unearths No Secrets But Is Fine Entertainment: Review

She doesn’t boil a pet bunny. But Jodi Arias displays wicked knife technique in a new Lifetime movie that could have just as well been titled, Fatal Attraction for Cable News.

Jodi Arias Jury Fails to Decide on Death Penalty

A Phoenix jury on Thursday declared that it could not agree on whether to recommend death or life in prison for Jodi Arias for the 2008 slaying her lover, Travis Alexander.

Arias, dressed in black, tearfully held her hand to her face as the jury’s decision was read and Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens set a June 20 hearing to prepare for a penalty-phase retrial that could start July 18.

Jodi Arias Pleads with Jury for Life in Prison

In a complete reversal, Jodi Arias addressed the jury on Tuesday and urged them to sentence her to life in prison so her family doesn’t have to suffer any more.

“I’ve made public statements that preferred the death penalty. I lacked perspective,” Arias, dressed in black, said in the Phoenix courtroom.