Mad Men Did Not Pay to Use Iconic Coca-Cola Ad in Series Finale

While it may be one of the most famous ads in television history, Mad Men didn’t shell out a dime to use the iconic Coca-Cola spot in the series finale of the AMC show.

When asked if the network paid to use the original ad in the highly anticipated final episode, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to PEOPLE, “No money exchanged hands.”

But just because Coca-Cola played a big part in the finale doesn’t mean the company knew ahead of time how Don Draper would say goodbye.

Mad Men Finale Recap: Acclaimed Drama Comes to a Quiet Close

“You only like the beginnings of things,” someone once told Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Well, Don isn’t the only one. As viewers, we love the beginnings of things: Remember the excitement of discovering this little 1960s drama eight years ago on some channel called AMC? The beginnings are always so full of possibility. Maybe that s why, for all of our wild theories about what will happen, the endings never satisfy us.

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Don Draper's Last Stand: Where Are the Final Episodes of Mad Men Heading?

Mad Men is back for the first of its seven final episodes, and Jon Hamm’s Don Draper is still firmly committed to being admitted to the marble-columned pantheon of Existentially Miserable Businessmen (as Represented in American Arts and Letters).

It’s hard to imagine that he won’t get in by the end and join such august company as Willy Loman, Charles Foster Kane, Tony Soprano, the Wolf of Wall Street and, going back quite a stretch, Silas Lapham.

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John Slattery might have earned himself silver-fox sex symbol status after playing Roger Sterling on Mad Men for nine years, but that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable with the title.

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Mad Men: What's Happened to Don Draper?

Mad Men began its final season Sunday on AMC with a somber, even opaque episode that was probably a case of holding its final hand close to the vest. You hope there are some sensational cards there. Creator Matthew Weiner, whose baby this is, can be sensational or sensationally drab, exactly as he chooses.

The show’s integrity is unmatched, admirable and every so often deeply irritating.

At any rate, I think it will be a while before anyone sings “Zou Bisou Bisou” again.

Mad Men: Did Don Draper Make the Right Choice?

When Mad Men’s season 4 wrapped up nearly a year and a half ago, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was on the precipice of a major life change. He had proposed to his young secretary, Megan (Jessica Paré) after taking her on a trip to Disneyland with his children.

Jon Hamm Cannot Be Tricked – Though Mad Men Cast Tries

You wouldn’t mess with Don Draper around the office at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. And you shouldn’t mess with Jon Hamm, the man behind those suits and ties, on the Mad Men set.

But his costars thought about it.