25 Years Ago, Cry-Baby Gave Us Johnny Depp at His Most Swoon-Worthy

Ask any die-hard Johnny Depp fan about his hunkiest role, and you’ll get a range of answers. Near the top of any true devotee’s list, however, should be the 1990 John Waters musical Cry-Baby, which hit theaters 25 years ago this week. This rock musical features Depp at his absolute most swoon-worthy.

The 7 Greatest Mustaches of the '70s

In honor of Movember, we’ve chosen the best mustaches from the decade that made ‘em famous.

It’s a stacked deck, so let’s get moving.

7. David Crosby

Though David Crosby started out looking positively cherubic in Buffalo Springfield, by the 1970s, his mustache had kept pace with his musical output. Sprawling, curly, and usually standing watch over a joint, Crosby’s walrus ‘stache is still with us today, just as – however improbably – the man himself is.

Susan Tyrrell, Fat City Oscar Nominee, Is Dead

Susan Tyrrell, a Best Supporting Actress nominee in 1972 for director John Huston’s Fat City, has died, her family confirms to PEOPLE.

According to susantyrrell.com, the actress died Sunday, and had been a resident of Austin, Texas, since 2008, it was reported by Austin360.com.

John Waters Rides Again

Melanie Griffith is set to star in John Waters’s next movie, “Cecil B. Demented.” She’ll play a movie star who gets kidnapped by a gang of “cinema terrorists.” They force her to make movies with them and participate in terrorist acts against awful movies. Eventually she becomes one of them. It’s more or less a take-off on what happened to Patty Hearst (a friend of Waters) in the 1970s when she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and wound up robbing a bank with her captors.