Punk Rock Legend Johnny Ramone Dies at 55

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Johnny Ramone, guitarist with the influential punk rock band the Ramones, died Wednesday afternoon after a five-year battle with prostate cancer. He was 55.

Ramone died in his sleep at his Los Angeles home, the Ramones’ creative director, Arturo Vega, tells Reuters. He is the third member of the band to die in recent years.

Singer Joey Ramone (real name: Jeffrey Hyman) died in 2001 of lymphatic cancer. Douglas Colvin, better known as bassist Dee Dee Ramone, died from a drug overdose a year later.

Rob and Amber Seek Shelter

Survivor sweeties Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich made it clear from the moment of their televised bethrothal that they would have a hard time deciding where to settle, as he hails from Massachusetts and she from Pennsylvania. But that may be coming to an end: The lovebirds tell us they’ve been looking at properties in – drum roll please – Florida. Seems they’ve been renting a vacation home there since the Survivor: All-Stars finale, and they are excited about how far their million-dollar-plus winnings could go compared to the sky-high prices of the Northeast.