Saturday Night Live: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary Special's Best Comebacks and Cameos

Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary had enough star power to light up all of Manhattan. Even at three and a half hours long, some of the much-hyped appearances left us wanting more – in a good way. Whether their sketches were sentimental or sidesplitting, five celebrity regulars and five SNL vets stood out from the remarkable pack.

Lisa Rinna: 'Really Challenging' to Get into Headspace of Schoolgirl Britney

It’s Britney, b––––.

Well, not quite – but Lisa Rinna did a pretty good impression for ABC’s new reality competition show Sing Your Face Off.

The 50-year-old actress channeled her inner school girl on Saturday’s episode, impersonating Britney Spears and singing her 1999 smash ” Baby One More Time.”

Charlie Sheen Gets Roasted on Comedy Central

Charlie Sheen’s been through so much – what more could people say about him, even at a roast?

That was the feeling Saturday at a Comedy Central-sponsored roast at Sony Studios in Culver City, Calif., where friends of the actor lobbed insults his way – but in interviews before the event, wished him nothing but good luck.

Gregg Gets Sideswiped on Survivor

FOOLED: The Koror alliance crumbled Thursday on Survivor: Palau, when 28-year-old Gregg Carey was sent to the jury after being ambushed by teammates Tom and Ian. Following his win for the reward challenge, Gregg took his Survivor sweetheart Jenn and fellow player Katie on a yacht cruise where the three plotted their road to the end. But back at camp Tom and Ian enlisted the help of odd-member-out Caryn, and decided to surprise Gregg, whom they felt was likely to go all the way.