Woman Gets 30 Years for Pushing New Husband Off Cliff to His Death

A Montana woman was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in prison for killing her husband of eight days by pushing him from a cliff in Glacier National Park after they argued over her second thoughts about the marriage.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy said he saw no remorse from Jordan Graham, 22, in the killing of Cody Johnson, 25. He also ordered her to pay $17,000 in restitution.

Jordan Graham Wants to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Montana Newlywed Murder Case

A Montana woman who was to be sentenced Thursday for pushing her new husband to his death in Glacier National Park wants to withdraw her guilty plea to a second-degree murder charge, her lawyer says.

Jordan Linn Graham wants the change because prosecutors are still recommending life in prison, even though second-degree murder would normally carry a lesser sentence, defense attorney Michael Donahoe said Tuesday in a motion.

Jordan Graham Strikes Plea Deal; Halts Murder Trial

After three days of testimony, Jordan Graham pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder for pushing her husband off of a cliff just eight days after their wedding.

The deal came in federal court in Missoula, Mont., at lunchtime Thursday, just before her jury was set to hear closing arguments. U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy accepted the plea, but said she first had to tell him the truth.

Jordan Graham Trial: Did Her Wedding Blues Lead to Murder?

As her newlywed husband Cody Johnson lay face down at the bottom of a cliff on the night of July 7, Jordan Graham fired off a flurry of text messages to her friends, discussing her dance moves and planting fake stories to explain Johnson’s disappearance, federal prosecutors say in pretrial briefs.

Montana Murder Trial: Did Jordan Graham Blindfold Her Husband Before Pushing Him Over a Cliff?