Furious 7 Star Ludacris Learns About His Surprising Relatives

Author A.J. Jacobs is mapping out a giant family tree in hopes of finding out how we’re all one big, happy family. Then, on June 6, he’ll hold a giant family reunion. (See globalfamilyreunion.com for details.)

Furious 7's Heartbreaking Tribute to Paul Walker – and 7 Other Reasons to See the Movie

Don’t bother planning any parties, trying to meet up for brunch, or asking any of your friends to babysit this weekend. Everyone you know is going to be at Furious 7 (pundits are predicting that the box office will go north of $100 million). Here’s the shocker: The film is so good, Vin Diesel’s comments that it could win Oscars might not be delusional.

Jordana Brewster on Son Julian: 'I'm in Awe Every Day'

“I’m constantly reminding myself to cut myself some slack,” she tells PEOPLE

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Jordana Brewster Shares What She Really Wants at Son's Birthday

“Since he was born in Texas, we kind of want to do a cowboy-themed birthday party,” Brewster told PEOPLE.

Jordana Brewster: 'There's No Such Thing As Multitasking As a Mom'

“If you’re answering emails, you aren’t giving the baby the attention he needs,” she explains.

Jordana Brewster: Motherhood Has Made Me a Hypochondriac

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jordana Brewster Remember Paul Walker

As producers figure out how to complete the current production of the The Fast and the Furious franchise after Paul Walker’s tragic death, the film s stars continue to mourn and remember their friend.

Costar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson told Entertainment Weekly that Walker was an actor who tried to avoid the spotlight.